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  1. I messaged the seller on ebay that I bought the rear box and whole kit from to see if he will exchange it for me. He hasnt responded. I might have to swallow this mistake. sigh. And I dont think they sold the crossrunner in north america.....so chances of selling this carrier are slim....
  2. Is this them? https://www.coxmotorcyclesdirect.com
  3. CONFIRMED, the GREY carrier for the vfr800x DOES NOT FIT the VFR800. bah. wish I saw this thread before i ordered it all the way from europe. Anyone need a rear carrier for the vfr800x? LOLLLLL
  4. I bought a 31L top case and carrier from a dealer in the UK on ebay. The carrier I was sent was "greyish". I hope it fits (two conflicting opinions above). I'll find out tomorrow afternoon when I have time to head to the garage to test it all. I really hope it fits.
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