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  1. im not in toronto. In NS if you want to send the specs or drawing. I have an 8th gen. i could potentially cut it from cardboard and let you know. Or just mail the sample down and ill test it and mail er back. whatever works for you.
  2. I messaged the seller on ebay that I bought the rear box and whole kit from to see if he will exchange it for me. He hasnt responded. I might have to swallow this mistake. sigh. And I dont think they sold the crossrunner in north america.....so chances of selling this carrier are slim....
  3. CONFIRMED, the GREY carrier for the vfr800x DOES NOT FIT the VFR800. bah. wish I saw this thread before i ordered it all the way from europe. Anyone need a rear carrier for the vfr800x? LOLLLLL
  4. I bought a 31L top case and carrier from a dealer in the UK on ebay. The carrier I was sent was "greyish". I hope it fits (two conflicting opinions above). I'll find out tomorrow afternoon when I have time to head to the garage to test it all. I really hope it fits.
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