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  1. Thanks guys. Parts appear cheaper (same part as local) from Pete’s back east. But will need to buy a link remover from what I am reading to go from 110 to 108 links. You guys use regular anitifreeze or a special motorcycle antifreeze? Bike is new to me and want to change and flush all fluids. Brake bleed seems easy enough. Antifreeze “burping” seems more complicated then a car. When I was pulled over in states (got off easy) police mention a headlight is out too so I guess while fairing is coming off. 😞
  2. Hey guys, just posted looking for a VFR riding group in the area for next season. Guess I should refine my searching skills before posting. :/ On another note, I need to replace the sprockets and chain on my 2000 (been to 2nd gear for other parts, but looking to find cheaper parts), where do you guys buy local? I could do fortnine back east, but again looking to support local if other are as well and the prices are good.
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