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  1. I worked on various Moto Guzzi motorcycles and they’re built like a brick shithouse A simple pushrod V twin with shaft drive I could strip a full dresser down to an engine on a block in just over an hour singlehanded so don’t worry about working on it
  2. I’ve just had a look at AliExpress and these look a good starting point for cannibalising for the price, a simple adapter plate between stock and the new ones £62.87 29% Off | Full CNC Aluminum Motorcycle Adjustable Rearsets Rear Sets Foot Pegs For HONDA CBR600RR NON-ABS 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013-2017 https://star.aliexpress.com/share/share.htm?image=U9ce99e7d1f004d8e8ac3383a58deb84ai.jpg&businessType=ProductDetail&title=£62.87 29% Off | Full CNC Aluminum Motorcycle Adjustable Rearsets Rear Sets Foot Pegs For HONDA CBR600RR NON-ABS 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013-2017&platform=AE&redirectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2F1005001597972999.html%3F%26srcSns%3Dsns_Copy%26tid%3Dwhite_backgroup_101%26mb%3D42zWXXe5q0KWYoO%26businessType%3DProductDetail%26spreadType%3DsocialShare
  3. The company who do any vapour blasting I want will dye and UV check parts after they’ve been treated for a nominal price
  4. @gizzy123 - you’re in luck, Sussexmotorcyles, will reupholster your seat to your personal requirements, give them a call http://www.sussexmotorcycles.com/elite-comfort-motorcycle-seats.html My 2015 seat was OK when new but the padding went down pretty quickly, by ‘18 it was uncomfortable on long rides, the revised seat is superb, I also had the anti slip fabric used for the new cover I bought a tatty seat off eBay, had that done then sold the original so the bike was never off the road
  5. From Motorcycle News Honda NT1100 to fill the VFR gap Africa Twin power for all-new sports-touring family By Ben Purvis NEWS CONTRIBUTOR Honda’s CRF1100L Africa Twin has already spawned an unusual spin-off in the shape of the CMX1100 Rebel cruiser, but for 2022 it’s getting a more logical sibling in the new NT1100 sports-tourer. A parallel twin, Africa Twinpowered street bike has been rumoured for months, and the NT1100 name was trademarked earlier this year, but now we’ve got evidence in the form of the European type-approval of two versions – the NT1100A and NT1100D – including details such as power, weight and physical dimensions. Despite a very different appearance and spec, the NT1100 steps into the shoes of the VFR800 as Honda’s main middleweight sports-tourer, although in line with the trend towards adventure-style models, its dimensions are close to those of the VFR800X Crossrunner. Honda opted not to update the two VFRs to Euro5, and as a result the Crossrunner is already dead and the VFR800 will follow. Both the NT1100A and NT1100D use the 1084cc parallel twin in 101bhp Africa Twin spec rather than the detuned version seen in the Rebel 1100. That power is on a par with the VFR but comes nearly 3000rpm lower, at 7500rpm, and is backed up by 77lb.ft of torque – 20lb.ft more than the VFR can muster. The NT1100A will be the base model, with a manual transmission and dimensions similar to the Crossrunner. Its 1535mm wheelbase and 2240mm overall length are fractionally longer than the Crossrunner, but the 865mm width and 1360mm height to the top of the screen are virtually identical. At 238kg wet, it’s 4kg lighter than the Crossrunner or VFR800. The NT1100D shares the same measurements apart from the height, at 1575mm suggesting a much taller screen, and weight; it’s 10kg heavier at 248kg because it uses Honda’s DCT semi-automatic gearbox.
  6. I used a Rawlbolt expanded to grip the bearing innner and hit that, also great for blind bearings
  7. Any repairs to a V rated tyre is only permitted on a “get somewhere to replace the tyre basis” in the UK Its illegal for a tyre company to repair the tyre and your insurance is invalid if you do otherwise
  8. That’s correct You're the first one to change them on a 2015 bike as far as I know, had a problem?
  9. Thumbs


  10. I can thoroughly recommend Elite comfort seats, they reupholstered mine to my specifications, I bought a seat with a ripped cover of eBay, had that done and sold my good seat Give them a call and see what they can do http://www.sussexmotorcycles.com/elite-comfort-motorcycle-seats.html
  11. Those are for the Honda U wheel lock …..presumably in the hope you get one
  12. In the video @5:10 he’s got a piece the insulation on his finger will a welding torch on the other side of the 1/4” thick block Is the carbon felt that efficient?
  13. A 1/4” neodymium will do the trick
  14. In the video he sorts out a heat shield for his 8 litre Viper engine that works perfectly so a Viffer is going to be no problem
  15. A set of new springs the correct size
  16. As you’re in the UK be very careful what springs you get if you fit Emulators Most of the replacement springs on the market here are longer than OEM and dispense with the spacer tube so you can’t accommodate the Emulators without preloading the spring more I know this because it’s taken 3 months and counting to get hold of the correct ones for my 750FK Emulators are going to be a simple and effective upgrade before you swap forks
  17. Assuming you’re in the UK anything under £2k is a bargain
  18. It’s just a battery charger ….look on YouTube there’s lots of videos
  19. After my bike was knocked over in a car park, the arm holding the slider was bent to the point that it had nearly gone through the fairing …the bolts had stretched which was better than having them pull out and strip the thread as the bolts replace the original subframe fixing bolts I got a set of DSG sliders from THURN motorsport from Gerhard in Germany and they’ve been tested in the same situation and they didn’t move, not cheap but worth it …. they’re also no cut, the bracket slots through the groove in the panel
  20. I put some zinc based etching primer in the tank and ran it around the inside
  21. ABS pipe cement and just glue it back in
  22. Yes, the Synergy 99 is ethanol free, although as you’re in Scotland no …. might be worth driving south and getting a Jerry can full From the Esso website ”Although our pumps have E5 labels on them, our Synergy Supreme+99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, North England and Scotland). Legislation requires us to place these E5 labels on pumps that dispense unleaded petrol with ‘up to 5% ethanol’, including those that contain no ethanol, which is why we display them on our Synergy Supreme+ 99 pumps. There’s currently no requirement for renewable fuel, like ethanol, to be present in super unleaded petrol although this could change in the future, in which case we would comply with any new legislation”
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