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  1. Far better to anneal the copper by heating and drop in water
  2. Well done, that’s an impressive street fighter ..👌🏻
  3. A quick and simple way to get the bolt heads black is Kurust or similar
  4. This is the company I’ve used https://www.brooksuspension.co.uk/motorcycle-suspension-tuning/motorcycle-forks-straightening/motorcycle-fork-straightening-both-legs If one fork is bent you can be fairly sure that the other one is to some extent
  5. I had a lot of store credit to use before it expired …yes they were expensive
  6. That’s what I used, satin finish Ti on all the visible engine bolts, they look OEM
  7. Hi Thumbs, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. The Ermax hugger from Pyramid Plastics uses an L shaped bracket that fixes to a single existing bolt on the 8th gen swingarm Fitting instructions https://www.ermax.com/rear_hugger_.html?egap=article&ida=4900
  9. The bearing in the pressure plate is not held in, it’s prone to tip and jam, so with actuating rod removed the clutch connects with the gearbox, hydraulics assembly will push the rod out and disconnect the gearbox I’ve fixed mine in place with Loctite bearing fit You can see if this is happening through the oil filler as the hydraulics are fitted Tourmax kit is quality
  10. You’re going to be better off with some 1mm ABS sheet to make a support for snapped part, then use ABS pipe cement from Lowes The sheet is easily heat formed if you want to increase the area to cement together
  11. You to take the BMW oath when you go to the dealership “ Open your wallet and say …Help yourself”
  12. Conventional welding isn’t possible with the die cast parts ….Lumiweld is a form of brazing, they’ll be able to do that The Lumiweld material when it cools is much harder than alloy so if possible try not to have to drill it
  13. This is where I had my 750 seat recovered https://www.motorcycleseatcovers.co.uk/blank-l62lg/replacement-seat-cover-fits-honda-vfr750-fj-fk-vfr750-fj-fk-to-fit-years-1988 Excellent job and very pleasant person
  14. CCM R30 I got this 5 years old with a new set of Pirelli Diablos, 2k miles from new with every extra offered on it, a rich man’s toy The motor is basked on the Suzuki Freewind 644 single with a different twin carb head, it would wheelie in the first 3 gears I had it bored out to 105mm, 710cc and a race cam put in, then it would wheelie in the other 2 ….. it ticked over like a watch @1500 but was gutless below 3k Unfortunately within 4 months I’d been hit off the BMW and had bust my pelvis, after which it was too uncomfortable for me anymore
  15. If that’s Harris they told me the same as Kbear …. not in stock and 3-4 months
  16. I switched from 10% ethanol fuel to 100% petrol and it took the RB less than 50 miles to alter the fuelling to take advantage of the improved fuel efficiency
  17. So this is the one that you want?
  18. I shipped some compound bows and associated archery kit to a charity in Sacramento recently and it was less than $100 US, so I put some approximate dimensions in UPS (700x150x450mm x 5kg) and the most expensive is £77.62 or $100, the cheapest is £45 There’s no import duty to the US
  19. How about this https://superbikestore.com/honda-vfr800/honda-vfr800-vtec-02-rear-tire-hugger-powerbronze
  20. Pyramid Plastics are stocked in the USA here https://twistedthrottle.com/motorcycle-parts/2002-honda-vfr800-vtec-interceptor/?_sfm_sf_discontinued=0&_sfm__price=0+1000&sf_paged=2 I've got an Ermax hugger and chain guard on my 8th that Pyramid stock in the UK
  21. Too right ….Avon Speedmasters were dérigeur when I started, squared off rear when new ..
  22. Ive never had the launch assist either and I bought mine new ..
  23. That sounds like stale fuel, have you emptied the tank or put a few gallons through it? Preferably empty and let it dry inside As it’s been stood it’s the first thing I’d look at …. if there’s water in the fuel the injectors may need a clean
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