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  1. Das Bone


    Hey I know that stud...go Bob :fing02:
  2. Really :laugh: :fing02: :laugh:
  3. Das Bone


    Nice headlights :491: ;p
  4. Back a couple of years ago, it turned out that the PC I had(which had been custom mapped) malfunctioned. DJ replaced it under warranty :fing02: Anyway, during this process Eric and I talked and exchanged maps. I uploaded his map and really didn't feel that it was much different from my VFR without a PC. He tried my custom map and flet that it was rich in some areas if I remember correctly, but he did use some of the settings from my map in certain areas that he felt were better. So I reinstalled my "custom" map with the new PC and all was good again. Big, noticeable difference from Eric's map in my bike. The point I'm trying to get to is that there are factors which will affect how well a particular map will work in your particular bike. Probably the most important is where you live and ride, i.e. elevation etc. For example, we all know that DJ has loads of maps to service their customers. When I was first exploring and trying to educate myself about the PC prior to purchase I noticed that the people that were happiest with their PC's were the one's that had custom maps made. The people that went with one of DJ's maps seemed to be only marginally happy in general. I'm currently having a map done for my '07 600RR and got to sit in and watch some of it being done. The PC came loaded with DJ's map for my bike/pipe combo etc. and their map was much richer in areas than what was being done on my map at my sea level elevation. The reason for this was due to DJ being at approx 2500' in elevation and a couple of other minor details......hence the richer map being created in and for that particular environment. So, it's something to consider when trying to find the best map for your bike and where you ride.
  5. Simply amazing Doug! Well done :fing02:
  6. Yes, both harness' are part of the recall so should both be replaced. Mine's been there over two weeks now and has had the main harness replaced as well due to the burned connector (Jeremy said it's a ground block)I posted a pic of back a bit. So, yeah.......if anyone uses their bike as a daily commuter, you may want to make sure the dealer has or atleast can get the main harness very quickly in case a problem arises as it did with mine. In my case, interesting that all was good with my VFR up til I took it in for the recall.........coincidence or ? :beer: <_<
  7. Took mine in last Wed. for the recall. Running just fine as usual. Picked the bike up later that afternoon......bike ran like crap. Frustrated <_< but had to leave bike at the dealership. Two days later the service manager called and explained that they found a burned connector that's part of the main wire harness(not part of the two being replaced under the recall) and that he had contacted Honda's techline and sent pics etc. to them. At this point, I'm told that a new main wire harness should be sent out for my bike hopefully this week. Here's the burned connector...left side just forward of the the battery compartment Burned connector after recall
  8. Now that looks great :thumbsup:
  9. Hey, I recognize those people B) We should try and put names above the people :P
  10. Hey NVR2L8, Glad that you've seemed to "fix" your issues. FWIW, I went to a PCIII a few years ago and before I did, I did a fair bit of research on who seemed to be most happy with their PC's. It was pretty apparent at the time that the people that were having the best results with their PC's were those that had custom maps made. I went that route and the improvement was very worthwhile...........i.e. well made custom map is the way to go IMHO. I have a friend with an '04 and he was having the same frustrating hesitation/surging issues that many of us have experienced...got a PC and tried DJ's maps and a map from a member here with no consistent improvement in general with any of these maps. Finally got him to try my map(he was concerned that since his bike was setup different than mine it wouldn't work well) and he's a happy camper now.........issues virtually gone. PM me if you need more info, Craig
  11. OK, so I went and got some parts(thanks Jeff/Last Chance)........10 gauge wire, shrink wrap and a new fuse holder. I didn't notice til I got home but the wires coming out of the new fuse holder are 12 gauge....will this be OK? So, I guess what I'll be doing, again thanks to Jeff's help, is unhooking and removing the battery......cutting the large red wire leading to the OEM fuse holder at the OEM fuse holder, as well as cutting the red/white wire below the small connector(i.e. at the end farthest away from the OEM fuse holder)............splice/solder one side of the new fuse holder's wire to the large red OEM wire..........and the other wire from the new fuse holder will be spliced/soldered to the red/white wire minus the connector/smaller gauge OEM red/white wire. So, I'm essentially getting rid of the OEM fuse holder and the OEM small connector/small gauge red/white wire(the one that seems to be causing all the problems). So, does this sound right and am I OK with the new fuse holder's wire's being 12 gauge? Thanks guys, Craig
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