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  1. Have you checked the error codes? Those might show.what the issue is.
  2. Same year models have same radiators. What year is your machine and the donor? Or not.. depending where I check. But they look alike. Possibly it would fit?
  3. According to Hondapartshouse.com radiators for F and FD have the same part number. So it should be identical. Go there and double check it.
  4. DCT uses data from ABS modulator on weel speed from Weel Speed Sensors. This is why in my issue I got ABS malfunction and no DCT. If you can change gears, this only means that ABS modulator gets proper data from sensors. So you can assume, that all of them are fine :)
  5. Well.. I can't write it more clearly then I did. If you will have ABS issue, gearbox will stop reacting to any user manipulation. - If you will have the ABS problem from the start, only gear that will be available is 1. - If the problem will occur on higher speeds (when you will drive on e.g. 5th gear) the "+" and "-" and "S/D" buttons will stop reacting. You can drive on current gear, but DCT won't switch the gear up and will reduce the gear only when you will be stopping. Like really stopping. Last 2 or 3 gears will be reduced when bike is stationary. At least this is how my 2010 VFR behave when I had front speed sensor issue.
  6. Under the seat next to the breaker box you have a red service plug. Get service manual and read the fault codes. At least you will know which weel is the issue. Or if it is low power issue. Since you have a DCT be awared that DCT won't change gears if ABS is off.
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