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  1. Revamping this old thread for no good reason. I have fooled around with many maps on the PCIII and have enjoyed each for their own reasons. After contacting the original dealership it was sold and acquiring their records of service, I found out that the bike had been dyno'd there! The original map that came with the bike is the one they made! It is going to save me a few hundred. Cannot wait to get her back from the shop to plug this one in and use it confidently.
  2. 82 downloads

    this is for a Leo Vince slip on, K & N air filter setup. It has been leaned out for better fuel economy. Getting mid to upper 30's mpg with this one. It's pretty nice.
  3. One more bonus question: 1) will resetting the button values help as well even after I've loaded a different map?
  4. I have a new to me 2003 honda vfr800 with leo vince slip ons and not sure of any other mods. It came with a PC III USB. I purchased the bike after the previous owner had let it sit for a few months. I ran seafoam through the first couple of tanks. I was getting low mileage (mid 20's/gallon) so I figured it may be the map in the PC III. The original owner had it dyno'd to his specs and the bike was pretty fast ( i uploaded it to the download section on the forum so others can take a peek, too!), so i figured he had it tuned for performance. I loaded the generic map for leo vince slip ons from
  5. Version Power Commander III USB


    This map came loaded in my new to me 2003 VFR800. The guy who had the bike before the girl I bought the bike from had it dyno'd to his specs with a LeoVince and K&N air filter setup. This is pretty torqued for me (I am also new to sport/touring bikes). I loaded in the generic LeoVince map from the power commander site and that one is a little gentler to me, but I wanted to contribute something to the community. Let me know if you like it. I don't think this map is used for gas mileage.
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