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  1. SOLD, and being ridden by the new owner on a 600 mile trip back to Wisconsin. Good afternoon, VFRdiscussion.com rookie here, even though I joined in May of 2013 when I bought my VFR. I don't know why I haven't posted here before - I've enjoyed the VFR all these years. It's been my daily March-November commuter bike, and done a few trips when doing university business. However, I want to try a different bike. This one runs great, and has hit the deck only once - in march 2017, when a front brake lockup on a slippery hill found me sliding down the street on my side, and under the distracted driver's car. So I rode it home, and spent a year finding, and restoring the replacement fairings. Honda OEM parts were used, and were painted by an automotive restoration shop. They almost match the tank, which was painted the year before due to MSU student mischief. Graphics were re-created and installed by me. I broke off a foot peg mount on the right side, and replaced it. Added new counter balancers to the Helibars. Once done, it looked better than when I found it in 2013. ... They say you can't crave what you've never experienced. Now a friend just dropped off an almost-new Hayabusa for me to "get rid of for him", and Damn, I shouldn't have taken it for a test ride. So, it's time to let someone else enjoy the VFR for a while. There are two small dings in the top of the tank from my teenagers, along with one small crack in the paint. No other mechanical issues. There are about 300 miles on the new tires. 56,000 miles, still has the original (and fully functional) voltage regulator., valve clearance last checked at 40,000 miles. Battery is three years old. Bike starts instantly, every time. $3600.
  2. ws6transam

    Dan's VFR

    Purchased in May, 2013 (the same year I joined this forum) , and ridden every summer since. Crashed in 2017 - needed to replace the fairing, which took a year to find all the original Honda parts. Then I had everything repainted by an auto restoration shop. Installed new graphics, and it still rides like new, even with 56,000 miles on it.
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