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  1. I like aftermarket because of the lesser limitations, whether its material or legal considerations. Why for instance do you put a aftermarket pipe, fueling mod and some other tweaks in? Manufacturer has to adhere to stricter rules, which is especially visible in the emissions part of the house. Main reason for the pads though was that they were ready available on ebay from a reputable seller. Anyway, I will be calling EBC tomorrow and if that doesn't solve it Ill send the pads back. They wouldn't fit ANY bike the way they are right now, look at the picture.
  2. So as my stock brake pads got pretty worn out I decided to replace them with some aftermarket ones. I got three packs of EBC brake pads, one for rear and two for the front calipers. After taking the stock rear pads out I noticed that the metal shape supporting the pad looks different than stocks, and the bracket piece that goes over the whole assembly fits a little awkward. Still it seemed to fit in the caliper just fine, that was until I tried to put the retainer pin back in. Turns out the loops on the EBC pads are too low so they hit the top of caliper casing and won’t align with the pin holes... After considering all my options I filed the excess metal [it was just a few millimeters so it didn’t compromise the structure of the pad in any way] and got it to fit, and surprisingly work pretty well as well. Then I moved to the front calipers and the real problem surfaced. Once I got the stock pads out and was about to put the new ones in I noticed that the two small pad pieces were not mirrored, instead they were the same. I got confused for a second thinking I was looking at it wrong or something but no, small pads from ABC actually came both same sided. I than opened the second pack of pads I had and they were the same... So basically someone in EBC made the design for those pads based of Honda manual but never QA'd his work or even bother fitting them to a bike to see if they work. I emailed the company to see if they reply, if not Ill send them back to the seller I got them from over eBay and get my money back, than get new stocks. Funniest thing of all was the big logo on the pad pack saying "support America, made in America!", I'm sure to look for Japanese parts next time... I have a photo of how do they look like included, didn’t take one of rear set as I didn’t think about it at the time.
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  4. I'm trying to upgrade the stock brake system on my 1200, but I'm not sure if it would interfare with the ABS system. I'm looking at a few things for it so far: Brembo master cylinder [ http://www.oppracing...ster-cylinders/ ] that website is not that good since it dosnt list a master cylinder for the 1200 or a way to figure out what size could you use, this one does through explain "how to" [ http://www.cyclebrakes.com/html/brembo_cylinders.html ] that one is one of the parts Im not so sure would fit right due to the ABS, any one swapped theirs? Thinking about getting one for the rear later on as well. Stainless steel brake lines front and back [ http://www.galferusa...ng-motorcycles/ ] I'll need the stock dimensions to get those made, if theyre not in the manual than it will be a little bit of searching around and measuring with a string to do... Brake pads EBC Sintered Double-H Rated Pads front and back [ http://www.perfectbr...ts.asp?cat=4083 ] Since calipers from Brembo are like 2000$ for just the front set and rotors are around 600$ a pop I decided to stick to stock with those... Do any of you know where is the ABS chip connected, and would swapping the master cyliner impact it in any way?
  5. I'm not sure if I want to "fix" that dump in my 2010, first of the Z bomb on ebay says it dont work for DCT models. Plus that bog only bothers me in sport mode, I use drive for bad weather etc [since Honda got stingy and used 2010 as test rabbits, so TC didnt come out till now...]. I rode winth S mode all the time at first but even in San Diego during winter it rains sometimes, and after almost kissing a HVY divider I decided that speed+power+rain=a very bad day, pure luck and a little bit of skill taken from sliding around on my old 750 rear drum brake kept me from lowsiding. TC is a must if youre planning on going full power in bad weather. Now if any one ever ghettorigged a mod that would eliminate the bog in sport mode and manual only than hell yea but for now I think its a bad idea, unless you never ride in rain that is.
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    Does the pipe come as set with the muffler or can you grt it separetly? I like the way it goes high and under vs the stock. I got me a two brothers for mine but it keeps same position as the stock does.
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