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  1. Great replies, thanks guys! If I have to go with two line then I will. Maintaining three line is for keeping stock. I guess there ain't much to brake lines in any case. Honda don't have a habit of changing some things. Brake lines are more or less brake lines, right? (gross oversimplification I know). I'll get in touch with HEL. Actually got that partially wrong. HEL do a 3 + 1 (front and rear) kit. Venhill I found a kit for also - model HON-7015F. Any experience with Venhill?
  2. Hi everyone! I have a 4th gen with weeping right front brake line. These are a 3 line setup. Nobody seems to make 3 line braided kits for 4th gen and I would rather not go custom, but I will if needed. HEL seem to make a 3 line kit for 3rd gen 90-93. The question is - are 3rd and 4th gen near identical or close enough that this kit would fit my 4th gen? Thanks!
  3. I just had the internals of my 4th gens reworked. For all of the stuffing around, unless you're going for the look and really need the extra performace, I don't see the point. Yes later USD fork may just perform better than reworked standard forks. I contend that is a MAY perform better. That said, I do like the look of USDs on VFRs. Not enough to bastardise mine though.
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    Blazing Sunset & Blazing Colour Scheme!
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    December 2011 #5

    Thanks Scott! I can mostly thank the previous owner who is a fanatic.
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  7. I haven't found any threads yet. Has anyone tried a 7th Gen on an earlier Gen, say 4th? I quite like the look of the new wheels.
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