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  1. Fine Lake District roads, a sandwich, a pint and somewhere to park the bike. Brilliant!
  2. nigeW

    Photo0038 cropped

    Ride out today in North Yorks. A rediscovered favourite stretch of tarmac near Kirkham Abbey. Last time I rode this bit of road was in the mid eighties on my CBX550 on the way to my Gran's caravan on the East Coast. And yes, the weather really was that beautiful this morning - though raining again now.
  3. Those look really good roads for getting to the edge of the tyre on both sides. Good video and, if I may say, helped all the more by a great taste in music too - Sammy Hagar much better than Dave Lee Roth any day. One of my favourite VH albums.
  4. nigeW

    VFR Decker Canyon Sunset

    Nice pic. And you've got some good riding weather where you are - here it's been wet/raining for the past week.
  5. nigeW

    Exhaust System

    Nice pipe-work!
  6. Have asked some questions about tyre (tire) choice on a new thread, as I really hate the BT 020 I have on the front.. Am sticking with Bridgestone for now (a new BT 011 to go with the BT 021 on the back) but really favour Avons on all my previous bikes. Have ridden on Viper Sports on track, have Roadriders (brilliant) on my XJ650 and have a MKII Roadrunner on my Bonnie which was fitted in 1988 and (though a little square) still has plenty of grip and shows no cracking or perishing! Have considered the Conti Road Attack but I think it'll be Avons for me next, unless persuaded otherwise. Nige
  7. nigeW

    My VFR

  8. nigeW


    Hi - nice looking bike. What side-panel/tail unit have you fitted, and is that a standard, '96 seat and seat hump on top of it? Did you have to modify the rear sub-frame? Nige
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