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  1. M8, thank you. I'd prefer to get new if possible so can I take a rain check please? Cheers and thanks for the very kind offer
  2. bertye1958 | eBay Stores If you just want the single-sided mount, then the 6th Gen one actually fits all HISS models, so the last 2 years of 5th Gen as well. This is the one I bought. If it's the PAIR delete, then just scroll down his shop. You'll have to ask him if he posts to Austria, but I'm not sure why he wouldn't.
  3. Hi all Struggling to remove the 2 brake pipes that join the 2 front calipers across the front mudguard so I thought I might try and buy replacements to plug into my new braided hoses but the 2 main suppliers over here that I know of, Lings and CMSNL are out of stock. Part numbers are: 45130MBG000 PIPE, BRAKE JOINT MAIN 45131MBG000 PIPE, BRAKE JOINT SUB Does anyone know of anywhere else that has a supply of these? #4 #5
  4. @Grum yes, both original HISS keys came with the purchase. It may be 21 yo but with <9k miles on the clock, most things are original, hence my efforts . @bmart It is really easy to do on a 5th Gen. Did it originally on my '08 6th Gen so I thought as I have the airbox off, I might as well. The PAIR delete parts came from a UK seller on ebay, who also sold the voltmeter mount. Also came with nice allen bolts and a rubber bung to plug the hole now in the airbox. The PAIR system puts fresh air into the exhaust flow, I think, to help pass emissions regs. Not needed once on a production bike. Not sure it does that much to the bike, but it's one less thing in the way. Much easier to remove the 2 PAIR valve caps with the airbox off though. There are some Youtube videos but they seem to be mainly 6th Gen and only involve disabling the PAIR, not removing it. Here's the HEL kit. Sadly no instructions or markings but it should be easy to tell which goes where. Currently struggling to get the pipes free that run across between the front calipers.
  5. Busy morning. PAIR delete. Sadly not Mello Dude's plates but a local guy who also supplied the mounting plate for the voltmeter. Connected the voltmeter Fitted the suspension. I've stuck with the standard fork positioning but may consider dropping them (actually raising them, I think) 5mm or 10mm but I'll see how she handles after the work done on the by Darren at MCT. Also fitted a battery tender cable. Battery is new, replaced just before I purchased the bike by the PO but will need tending as this bike will not be ridden that often, and certainly not over the winter. I've just stopped for lunch after draining all the brake lines. Next is removal of the old lines and replacing them with HEL braided steel ones. Looks like a bit of a jumble but each pipe is unique so I should be able to match them with their old ones as each are removed. New OEM Honda pads to be fitted after 3 caliper overhauls...keen to replace the rubber seals after they've been sat unused for so long. What remains? New tyres (to replace 2006 BT020's) Coolant replace Oil/filter & air filter replace Spark plugs Hi-level end can (probably Black Widow as they are based only 30 mins from me and it does look good). SS fairing bolts Probably more but I can't think right now.
  6. No, sorry, that was Skidmarx.
  7. Changed your mind about selling it then?
  8. Just had a chat with them, none in stock but about 21 days to manufacture.
  9. Have you considered Skidmarx? I've not checked lead times but they look like they carry the attachments for the brake lines.
  10. @Kbear reply from Mark at Harris: "Thanks for your email but I'm afraid we don't have stock and our supplier is really busy. Please allow 3-4 months for delivery." Disappointing.
  11. S'ok, I asked about a 6th Gen too. In CF.
  12. 4 1/2 years since he lasted posted on this thread. 😟
  13. Kbear, as you peaked my interest for my 5th Gen, I have emailed Harris to find out the delivery time to me. It will be interesting to see if they quote a shorter timescale.
  14. That's all great guys, but I'm in the UK. I'll try Honda but I imagine it's quite expensive compared to some branded solutions. I don't need a guide, I need an available brand on the UK. Thanks for your replies though.
  15. What are folk using for coolant on their 5th Gens in the UK? The good old (Haynes) book says 50% distilled water, 50% corrosion inhibited ethylene glycol but I can't find this combination anywhere.
  16. Bloody Nora! That is ridiculous for something that is not heavy. Hadn't realised that they are just down the road from me, I might pop over sometime and see which postal service they use....buy me some shares in that fella!
  17. Thanks m8, I'll remove the links. The Powerbronze hugger is on my 1200 and has been for about 6 years. There may be better quality ones out there, but it's been fine and looks ok to me. I hadn't thought about a hugger for my 01 so reading your posts made me think that I should get one.
  18. Bugger. On the upside, I think I may get one of those for my 2001 project.
  19. $308? It costs £85 without UK purchase tax (VAT) so roughly $112. So the rest, $196, is postage? Have I missed something? Even if you went for the CF, that still leaves $144 postage.
  20. Is this the one you've been after? Surely an arrangement could be made to ship to a willing UK VFRD member then onwards ship to yourself? As long as you met all costs and sadly that would mean paying UK purchase tax (VAT) and potentially US import charges. Just a thought.
  21. @Tirso https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_ssn=bertye1958&store_name=bertye1958&_dmd=2&_oac=1&_trksid=p2349624.m3561.l49496 UK seller. The Vtec (6th Gen) mount fits the 5th Gen/Hiss models.
  22. I agree with Stuart above. This from my 01. Confirmed no foam on right hand panel.
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