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  1. mascar

    91 VFR

  2. mascar

    Vfr 1

    Cool shot, just needs a little fire from the pipes and it would be perfect,
  3. mascar


    Makes me glad I still have my 4th Gen.
  4. I painted my RD400 Yello with black stripes back in the day , ala Kenny.
  5. mascar

    2010 TRIP 285.jpg

    Its a nice change from all red. I'm in the process of adding some black to my red 95. What kind of fork brace is that? I bet it helps tons.
  6. Med Rental's, all I will ever use. They are like having your hand glued to the bars.
  7. It was about $60 plus $60 shipping from the UK to Canada. Not everyone over there will ship here but some will. There's tons of great vfr stuff for sale in the UK.

  8. Ebay.co.uk vfr750

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