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  1. This drawing was done for the 2009 Model, I think there are some changes done along the line but I am not absolutely certain
  2. Hi guys, I have just traded in my 2009 VFR on the 2014 Model. I would like to create another drawing for this bike, similar to this one, but sadly I do not have a wiring diagram to work with IF anybody can make one available some how I will get started on it . Judging by the fact that 915 people have downloaded this drawing drawing in the 4 years it has been there, I am guessing at least some have found it useful,
  3. oh what a conundrum. I desperately need a crummy weekend day so that i can stay at home and clean up my Bike a little. It's looking a little un loved at the moment. BUT as I explained to someone over the weekend, "I would rather ride a grubby looking bike then just sit and look at a clean one" :o)

  4. Organized to get a Quote to fit solar power to my home today

    1. dude


      interesting, please post up your progress with pics. Would love to do something like that

    2. dude


      interesting, please post up your progress with pics. Would love to do something like that

  5. LEt me tell you about my experience with this issue. Firstly, most of the USB power supplies you can easily get are rated at about 500 mA, (1/2 an Amp). If you look a bit harder you can find ones rated at 1 amp (1,000 mA) I found a site in the USA that supplied a nice little USB socket about a quarter the size of a matchbox, That just had two wires you connected to the Battery. Unfortunately I Lost all my links so I cannot paste it for you . Through bitter experience, I have learnt that when using the GPS and Mapping on my Mobile phone, While plugged into the car adapter, The charging current is not enough to meet the demands of the phone while it is doing it's phone thing as well as the mapping downloads and the GPS reception, so eventually the phone would completely discharge. This is no major problem but it is an annoyance thing. I tried making the screen stay active for shorter and shorter times, but in the end I just gave up. My phone is a HTC Desire, but if you have another phone it may behave differently. I eventually Purchased a Strike Genius, and initially connected it via my nice little USB power supplies, however it suffered with the same affliction as the phone, It would eventually discharge and stop working, even while plugged in and charging . I took a look at the power supplied provided with the GPS and saw it was rated at 1.5 Amps. (1,500 mA). Once I hard wired in the Supplied power supply to a wire that is energised when the bike is running, all my problems went away and the GPS worked fine, I suppose the moral of the story is that GPS and mapping software is a power intensive thing , so for it to be successful, you need to get a decent power supply that is rated high enough to keep it happy. Not sure f that helps or not but it will give you some things to keep in mind Tom
  6. It has been a long day so I will not wrote much so Go to this link to see the report for the riding today . Agnes to Brisbane via Normanton, Day 1 Tom 10 june 2011
  7. Did a 'Dry run" to see if all the gear that I have amassed, will actually fit on the bike again. My wife brought along some of the stuff that I originally forgot, so the big test is to make sure I can carry it without overflowing. Basically I have one Pannier, for my tent, sleeping bag spare bits and pieces, and the other pannier for clothes and the Apple My toolbox and self inflating mattress will be tied across the rear seat. Tom
  8. This trip is a bit short noticed, however the plan came together, at a funeral, of all places. I met up with an uncle that lives up in Normanton in the gulf region. He told me that at the moment the roads up there are pretty good. So with holidays due and all work finished, I started planning. the plan is not all that complicated, Basically I planned to ride between 400 and 600 Km per day, which I know from a previous trip that I can do quite easily, without earning "Iron butt Award" points. As I am already away from home, The trip is technically started, however I will cool my heals at Agnes Water, where we have a holiday unit, till Friday 10 June. The proposed trip will be Day 1 Agnes Water to Alpha, 619 Km Day 2 Alpha to Winton 585 Km Day 3 Winton to Mt Isa 665 Km or 356 Km, depending on road condition. Day 4 Mt Isa to Normanton 444 Km Day 5 Normanton to Mt Surprise 390 Km Day 6 A Day to explore the Undara Lava tubes (I've always wanted to do this) Day 7 Mt Surprise to Hughenden 642 Km Day 8 Hughenden to Blackall 623Km Day 9 Blackall to Roma 563 Km Day 10 Roma to Brisbane 477 Km Total is about 5,020 Km. Obviously this is just a plan, and i will probably make changes to it as I go along, Depending on what I find to distract me along the way. I will try to make posts on a daily basis, but Knowing my well documented tardiness, this may be just a bit ambitious of me, Who knows. MAP Tom
  9. TomG33

    Picture time with the girlfriend

    She's a Beauty........ Girlfriend is pretty nice too.
  10. TomG33

    only 79klms after 1st ride_5331.jpg

    It is most certainly a good looking bike, You have just done 79 Km of thousands of gratifying kilometers. I bought mine just over a year ago, same colour, but with the gold wheels, have nearly 24,000 Km on it. I LOVED EVERY ONE OF THEM. Happy riding, 10 deg outside, huh, don'r you just love our winters. Tom
  11. TomG33


    My post looks like crap . Think the Apple system is just trying to be a bit too clever. Hope you can read it
  12. TomG33


    Hey John, <div>how do you find using those convex Mirror on Mirror things? <div>I tried a couple of different sorts on mine but ended up taking them off for a couple of reasons.</div></div><div>1<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>the circular ones that I had, took up way too much room on the main mirror and it was hard to see anything on the regular ones</div><div>2<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>there was little adjustment, and they never really showed the area that I was really wanting to see. </div><div>3<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>The image was just too small to really see anything clearly. I know that the idea is mainly to make sure that the space is empty, with no intruding vehicles there, rather then to be able to "Read number plates" but I just did not really feel as they were serving a useful function or that I could rely on them without having to do "Shoulder checks" </div><div><br></div><div>I looked at extra ones added independently to the main mirrors but they just looked stupid, and detracted from the general appearance of the machine. </div><div>So in the end I just reverted to the standard mirrors, and continue with my, now reflex action, Shoulder checks prior to doing any land changes. </div><div>Incidentally, these shoulder checks have saved my bacon many times over, even in this last year.</div><div><br></div><div>I'm not picking on your setup, just wondering whether you found them more useable then mine were. </div><div><br></div><div>Tom </div><div> </div>
  13. TomG33

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    You are lucky to get such a clear day. Every time I have been up on the Blue ridge parkway and taken photo's the haze blurs out the distant features. Either way I can imagine it a good ride up along there. Tom
  14. Thanks for the update, John. I will repeat one of a previous posters comments, and say that you doing a project such as this, can not possibly lose, Even a negative result, will be a win for you. It appears that all the problems you are having are not a product of the technology you are trying, but rather a product of your method, which is mostly governed by your small research budget. Keep up the great work. looking forward to your next installment Tom
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