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  1. The bolts for the RAM ball are the same width as the front tank bolts. I just bought slightly longer bolts. It fits nicely right above the top clamp and doesn't block my view of any of the gauges.
  2. Gah! My form is horrible!!! LOL
  3. xDutchx

    gallery 985 933 160811

    Thereabouts. Blue Ridge Parkway around Little Switzerland NC.
  4. xDutchx

    D3S 8873 Jennings GP

    Wow. Never even noticed when this one went up. Thanks guys. Killbam, they are aftermarket. They're the Sato rearsets.
  5. xDutchx

    DSC 0632

    Wow. I didn't think they'd make you tape your windscreen.
  6. Thanks guys. That was a fun day.
  7. xDutchx

    2010 09 29 11.55.47

    Somewhere on the TN Plateau.
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