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  1. Any of you guys planning on a similar Catskills ride this fall?
  2. Had this problem myself... Go to your local HD or hardware store and buy a gutter guard - it's the expanded metal wire type (aluminum) that you would insert into the downpipe openings of your gutters. Unroll it, cut what you need to fit over the air inlets in the air box cover, use some sheet metal screws to fasten it in place and your good to go.
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    IMG 0522

    From the album: VFR

  4. TurdEngineer99

    IMG 0520

    From the album: VFR

    Astoria Park, just north of and under the Triboro (RFK) Bridge
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    IMG 0518

    From the album: VFR

    John's Roast Pork, Snyder Street In Philly behind Lowes on Delaware Ave. They have the best roast pork sandwiches, really really good.
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    love the white 3G's
  7. 5-bladed nickel-aluminum-bronze screw. Probably designed to push a massive 50,000 ton containership at 24 kts, directly coupled to a large HP slow-speed diesel engine. That thing weighs in at least 30 tons.
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    Nicely done! After seeing this I wish I never sold my 748S wheels as I could have done something like this. Beautiful bike, man, rock on~
  9. Well, 10 years old battery (orig.) bit the dust so set off in search of a new. The Yuasa is $180 at cyclegear, and i dont even want to know what a stealer charges. My search for a 12S leaves me empty handed, only to find the 12BS which is taller and will not fit under the seat. Sears had the Craftsman 9S which has identical dimensions to the 12S but the A-hr rating is 9 vs 12. So I went with it for $80. Before I add the mix and charge it, and knowing if I use it that cold weather starts will be taxing on this battery, does anyone recommend that I not use this battery in lieu of the 12S? Also, if I do use it, will the added load 'hurt' the RR & charging system?
  10. From the album: VFR

  11. From the album: VFR

  12. On engines, it's a must to have as good a ground as close as possible to the piece being welded! Otherwise, the current from the welder will arc across the main bearing sufaces if the ground is not adjacent. As for stuck exh. studs, nuts, etc, it helps to tighten it just a tad prior to loosening. Sometimes a pair of vice grips will do the trick too. Thanks for the tip~
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    Is that the Hudson River? I-84? What bridge is that?
  14. TurdEngineer99


    Love the blue wheels on the white 5th Gen. I have royal blue wheels on my red 6th gen.
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