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  1. Guys, my stator just died; and I need to choose one fast.. I see on ebay some Chinese ones are really cheap, like $45.. And there are other merchants that sell it for $150. Which one should I go for? Does anyone have any experience with the Chinese ones? Many thanks, -tk
  2. Um, what did you all use for the inner tube? I couldn't find anything that matched the diameter.. So I ended up padding the frameslider with duck tape, and gluing that into the hole of the expansion tank..
  3. My water tank job was sub-par - I couldn't do it as cleanly as some of you have done. I used a section of a baby bottle (!) as the inner tube, but it cracked after a few months of use. So now I glued the expansion tank to the frame slider! It works so far, we'll see for how long.. Btw, is it my imagination or are the Motovations getting more and more expensive. It seems I paid $60, but they are now 78? -t
  4. Ouch - $54 is a lot of money for that sensor I wonder what OTHER product would fit our VFR's that would do the same.. Will check out car shops soon.. -t
  5. Stinks - there is no mention of "international shipping" or even "email us" link at www.digitalmeter.com So I was unable to buy it for my VFR 800.. -turgut
  6. Done! My VFR 2008 now has the frame sliders - too bad I didn't do this before dropping the bike! Many thanks for these clear instructions, indeed the hardest part was the water bottle. I examined mine, and if the water bottle is OVER the "full" line, it DOES overflow when it gets hot. Therefore, I would caution anyone that wishes to install a smaller bottle. Btw, did anyone drop the bike after the frame sliders? What happens when it's simply dropped (and not skidded across), does the handlebar hit the ground? Does it break a lever? Does it break the mirrors - I already made Honda rich with my mirror and handlebar changes and their overpriced accessories thanks, -turgut
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