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Down Gaular Mountain, Norway


From the album:

Tob's VFR750F 95

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The shot looking down the valley with the road twisting & twisting & twisting down really impresses the size of your mountains on me. Awesome.

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Guest fre_ridr


nice, i would love to have road around me like that. it would be kinda cool to wear out the outside of my tires before the center on the road for once.

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I wish the road engineers here drank as much as yours! Maybe that is the answer. Get the road crews drunk and there will never be another straight road ever again. Long live the drunk pavers!

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Guest Iceman_Poland


Norway - beautifull country. In Europe the most beautifull country are Norway and Croatia. In Croatia I was. In Norway I will be this year.

What is the best time to wisit Norge?? Julay or August??

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The best time to visit (western) Norway would be early June before the summer traffic sets in. The weather usually is better in June, but if I were to choose between July or August, I would recommend late in August.

Here is a picture from another sweet place for mountain carving; Lysebotn in sw-Norway:


I don't know how drunk the road engineers were when building this road, but it's a lot of fun to ride.

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