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It is my 750 VFR 4th generation with some custom body work, custom underseat exhaust and chrome wheels.

Custom front fairing:

The 1998 style front fairing was used to cut out the headlight assembly was cutom fit on to the original fairing.

Custom rear fairing:

The blinkers were shaved from the tail section so it looks more narrow and sleek. The lights were incorporated with rear lights.

All custom work was done by Tom at Bodacious Cycle Paint Works. (www.mphcomputrack.com)

Custom exhaust:

The proto type underseat exhaust was done by Hans at HMF Engineering. He said he would never do it again because it was so hard but it came out great and sounds even better. The bike was dynoed and jetted to fit the eshaust.

For more questions or pics, PM me.


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very cute, have a boyfriend? :P I mean riding buddy :goofy:

No, I am not looking :P I mean, no but I am looking - but let me warn you, I am very picky with whom I ride !!! B)

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Guest interceptor06


yeah hot!!! and the bike looks good too, The mods turned out really good. Where in NYC???? I am orignally from their

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I love the 5th gen fairing on the 4th gen bike. I've never liked the look of the headlights on the 4th gen bike, they're just too plain.

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very cute, have a boyfriend? :P I mean riding buddy :fing02:

Upstate is the place to be! ;p

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  • Member Contributer

Cool!! TOTALLY COOL!!! :fing02:

It's all about looking good as my daughter reminds me often....when she wants something.... :fing02:

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