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dmarc failure

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Recently, all notifications I receive regarding new messages to a followed thread (may not be limited to just this one thread) are just pages of HTML code, rather than the formatted message. I have not changed anything my end and all other email is working fine, but VFRD notifications are garbage.


Looking at the raw message I see the following:-

X-Spf: ⁨Received-SPF: permerror (smtp04.mailcore.me: error in processing during lookup of domain of vfrdiscussion.com: Could not find a valid SPF record)


and lower down:-

Authentication-Results: ⁨dmarc.icloud.com; dmarc=fail header.from=vfrdiscussion.com⁩
Authentication-Results: ⁨dkim-verifier.icloud.com; dkim=fail reason="key not found in DNS" (0-bit key) header.d=vfrdiscussion.com


I don't know for sure this is new as VFRD notifications have not previously been a problem causing me to check. Have there been any changes to the notification messages that might be causing this? Anyone else seeing it?


Hopefully any reply here will not suffer the same problem.

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Nope, same sparse HTML. It's not interpreting the mime format at all.


Also, this morning I was unable to reply to this topic. I click on reply and I see the box to type in the reply but that immediately disappears and back to the original page for the topic. I restarted Safari (I'm on a Mac), but no better. Tried it on another Mac and that worked. Tried Google Chrome on my Mac and seemed to be OK, but not logged in. Logged in and get same problem again. 


Back to main forum page (in Chrome) and then to this topic again (no more login parameters in URL) and it works so I am able to type this.


Since everything else is working perfectly as always, I can only assume that this site has made some changes which are screwing up some users.

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Logged out of the site and back in and I am now able to post without problem. No idea what the actual problem was, but it's specific to this site. As I say, everything else works perfectly. Also cannot really say if this morning's problem is related to the email notification/mime problem which is still occurring.

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I seem to have finally been able to change my email address for the forum (so different servers in the route for any notifications to me) and this morning I received a correctly formatted notification from a different thread, so rather looks like one of the intermediate servers used for my former address was having the dmarc problem. However, it does suggest there is an actual problem with this site's email. I've just been able to sidestep it.


Have to see how things continue.

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