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Fairing replacement kit



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This is one of the China/Hong Kong replacement fairing companies that sells on eBay.  I think if you Google around the forums for "eBay fairing kit" or somesuch you will get an idea of whether it is for you.  The one misleading part of this is the tank in the picture, and they all seem to do that.  You can get a "tank cover" but it does not come with a new tank.  That may or may not be a deal breaker for you if your tank is in good condition and unfaded.


I went with OEM plastic all around, but it was an incremental thing.  I sometimes wish I had at least tried one of these kits to see if the color and fit was close enough, and RC213-V repliracer might have been pretty cool.  $500 or so on top of the ~$3K for new and repainted plastic is pretty close to being a wash.  That being said, nothing will match the piano finish of the OEM Honda plastic.  It's super thin and yet appears to have crazy depth.  Pretty obvious why one or two year old red plastic looks different from new out of the box when you get it.  


** Color Rite red matches very closely, and looks like red plastic that's a year or two old.  My repainted pieces are difficult to tell from the brand new ones and are harder to tell apart ~8 months later.

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