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2014 VFR1200FD - Front break pressure and disk pads

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Hi all,


A few quick questions about the VFR1200FD, specifically about the front brakes. 

1) are the front pads supposed to have constant contact with the disk (I.E when the bike is on centre stand and you try turn the front wheel there is a fair amount of resistance from brakes)


2) At high speed is the front brake lever supposed to be ‘easier’ to pull (I.E it requires much more movement to apply the brake)


These are the only two things I’ve found that seem pretty odd, but I’m unsure if they’re intentional or not, and google isn’t proving much use. 

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Not having a 1200 but I could confidently answer NO to both 1 and 2.

When was the last brake fluid flush.?

Flushing the system would be the first thing I would do, then reassess the situation with nice new fluid. Dragging brakes require some urgent attention!


Depending on the age of the fluid you could well have both air and absorbed moisture in the system.


If you don't already have it you can download the Service Manual from the forum.



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Definitely a no to both questions.  As stated above, sounds like you need a brake service ASAP.  Dragging brakes can lead to overheating and brake failure.  Might as well do the rear brakes, as well.  

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