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Material to use on 3D printing grab handle spacers for OEM luggage mounts?

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Hi Everybody, I just purchased a 2007 RWB Interceptor with the factory bags and mounting kit. I learned only after trailering the bike home that I am missing key parts of the kit, including the spacers. I've downloaded the 3D print file from VFRD and I am researching where to have the spacers printed. 



1. One company has asked for an approximate durometer spec for the OEM spacers to help them recommend a material. I certainly don't expect anyone can give me a durometer reading but perhaps some of you can describe how soft/hard/stiff/flexible the OEM spacers are?

2. The same company has suggested likely materials are: "ABS (what a Lego is made of), LDPE (low-density polypropylene) or maybe even Polypropylene (PP) but it tends to degrade under UV conditions.  My bet is ABS."  (I think ABS sounds too hard/inflexible). Anyone out there have an informed guess on this?


Thanks to you all,





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Where are these files? What do these things look like?


If round spacers, why not aluminum? If not round spacers, why not aluminum?


Otherwise either a Nylon or PETG. 

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These spacers are almost like a really firm hi-density foam Material. 


I'd recommend using a TPU material from the FDM process. This will be the most cost effective approach. You will see some layering, but it will be durable. 

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TT, Could you help me choose the right hardness from this table?



Rubber hardness and applications



30 Shore A

Art gum erasers

35 Shore A

Rubber bands

40 Shore A

Can tester pads

50 Shore A

Rubber stamps

55 Shore A

Pencil erasers

60 Shore A

Screen wiper blades

65 Shore A

Automotive tires

70 Shore A

Shoe heels

75 Shore A

Abrasive handling pads

80 Shore A

Shoe soles

85 Shore A

Tap washers

90 Shore A

Typewriter rollers

95 Shore A

Fork lift solid tires

60 Shore D

Golf ball

70 Shore D

Metal forming wiper dies

80 Shore D

Paper-making rolls

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My guess would be between 30 and 50.


The prototyped parts where you got the stl file from were printed through a company called proto3000




If you are interested contact Chris mcaloney as he's familiar with the parts. 

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