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HRC sprocket cover!

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So I had a spare 5th gen sprocket cover in the shed and fancied tickling it with the angle grinder. Just for fun...



Was going to remove just a bit of material but the grinder got away from me a few times and I ended up taking away more-and-more. 

There’s not much of it left. In the world of ball gowns this one’s a g-string! 




Took some material off the back end too. Was going to cut out the marked triangles but decided the chain oil spatter wasn’t worth it. 

It’s really light compared to the original sprocket cover. Must be worth 15bhp at least although it won’t turn anyone into Valentino Rossi on its own. 

Not sure how it will play in real life (might be a messy disaster) but there’s enough protection against the sprocket chewing up your shoelaces etc. 

If you’re going to try this I’d suggest ensuring the grinding is smooth without any sharp bits for cracks to form through vibration. Smooth for the win. 

And you may want to keep the belly section too. Mine “fell off” when the angle grinder decided to go it’s own way in a moment of inattention...

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If your footwear includes shoelaces you're doing it um..............................


Just PM me🍻🙂


JK mate, My brother, who is a welder on Nuke subs and Nuke powerplants is a bit of an artist with any grinder. Me I'm always 1/2 second away from an ambulance trip.

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