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Trex Frame Sliders Install Issue

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Hey all! 2008 VFR800ABS 


Doing my fall maintenance changed oil and coolant. My new TRex no cut frame sliders came in and I'm running into an issue.


I started off on the left side as picture. The top bolt would not tighten. I suspected there was a nut on the other side that was not captive and that I did not notice. When I went around to the other side, I saw there was a nut and of course I dropped it and now its fallen somewhere I can't get to! This has gone badly. Hopefully I can find and fish these pesky nuts out with a magnet.


Question - I assume there is a nut on both sides on that top bolt? I have a service manual but can't locate the diagram with this nut or the part number if I need to replace them. Of course I'd rather just find them than have them get into somewhere.


Can anyone help with a schematic and/or part number? Definitely can't ride the bike with that not secured.




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Hi Mikus11, just saw your post, how did you go with this? I have the same sliders on my eighth gen. I believe the nut is captive, sounds like as Wiremanjon suggested it’s the spacer that’s has fallen down. Hope you got this all sorted.

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