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Coolant fan fail?


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I’ve seen the red coolant temp display flashing on a not so hot ride today. It was in slow traffic and as soon as the mph went up the coolant temp went down. I’m thinking the fan is not kicking on but I don’t know how to check. 

Also at what coolant temp should the fan turn on?


Any suggestions?


2014 VFR800 

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First thing is check your Coolant Level. If its Low have a good look for leaks and possibly a faulty radiator cap. Irrespective, your fan should be running well before the Red Overheat Light. It's quite normal for a VFR to get very hot in stop/start traffic no matter what the ambient temperature, however the cooling fan should come on in that situation. With the very high engine temp situation you should be able to switch OFF the engine then turn Ignition Switch back to ON and hear the fan running.


There appears to be no info regarding Fan Switch On Temp. From memory I've seen mine come on around the 103degC or 217degF. This is controlled by the ECM (Engine Coolant Temperature sensor input) which controls the Fan Relay. There is no fan thermoswitch like previous VFR's.


Check your 20amp Fan Fuse in the Right side Fuse Box has it blown? If it has blown, the most likely cause is a shorted/faulty fan motor. OR something caught in the Fan housing jamming the blades and motor.


Fan Check try this - With your bike on the Side stand and in Neutral and with an engine Temp above 45degC or 113degF open the throttle and maintain RPM above 2000rpm, after about 10 seconds you should hear the Fan operate and feel a fairly strong blast of air at the lower cowl opening, the fan will cut out when rpm drops below 2000rpm.


Fan could have also failed or running slow, this has happened before with an 8gen VFR.


Also if you have any suspicion regarding the Fan Relay you can easily swap it with the Headlight Relay (Hi beam ops only) they are next to each other and are the same type, see attached drawing.


Let's know how you go with the above checks.


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