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Must say that after my wrist operations 2018, I was happy to ride a adventure bike, as my wrist do had limited movement. First had a 2011 1200GS Beemer, was not my bike, so traded it for a 1200 SuperTenere,


like it a lot!


But after son didn´t take the licence for a 125, and the bike I buoght for him (and fixed to top shape) , a 2009 Yamaha XT125X,


It was just geathering dust, I put it up for sale. Actually got 2 trade suggestions for it, other was a 1986 Kawasaki GPZ500R (yes not a 600, thanks to cc tax things, like why the 86/87 VFR was a 700 in US...), nice runner, as a 1990 CBR1000F!

The later happens to be in the town I live in, so did have a look at it, and decided to make the straight trade. 


Was thinking the CBR, if I don´t like or can ride it, would be more easy to sell...

Former owner has had it for 12 years, during that time has been served in a shop I know the owner. Bike has Milage meter, buoght from UK to Finland in 2000...So what has been done to the Bike that has 59k miles on the odo, Cam change as tensioner change some 10 years ago, a dynojet stadge 1 kit some 4 years back, after that bike has hardly been used.

What else, aside a Devil 4-2-1 full system (that came whit 2 mufflers, a legal as a race) the bike is pretty much stock, Seat had a tear in the cover as has been reshaped..But found a nice seat for 70€ 🙂 . Front tire is a new BT023, rear a toasted Z6 


That I replaced whit a Diablo (DOT 2019 so fresh!) (got it for 99€, in case I sell the bike)


The foot pegs where quit worn so got a new set aftermarket ones


I also found the bike has still its oem tool kit, cool


A other thing I did change was throttle wires, as operation was not smooth.

And the fuel had to be changed to! didn´t smell as fuel anymore, but bike did start whit it, did not run great thro!

So I hoped fresh fule would make it run better, well yes as not. Added a bottle of STP injection cleaner also to the fresh fuel. Eventually it has started to run better, aside higher than 7k rpm its not as powerfull it should, guess I need to clean the carburettors after all, but for noemal cruising it runs OKish, and sure is a fast beast!


Now to the dilemma, keep or not... well we have to see

The great thing is I can ride it whit my wrist!

It´s a 1990 so could get as classic next year, bu would need a oem exhaust..... will meet a classic inspector Sunday to tell me what else needs to be done...


as I buoght the seat, also buoght a set of oem exhaust muffler heat shealds, would fit whit the Devil exhaust (right side only)




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Congrats on the nice looking older CBR!  Such an interesting contrast in design with today's sportbikes, especially in the tail sections. and the exhausts in many cases, too.

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OK, I have been to the Classis inspectors, they will approve the bike whit the orginal heat cheeld and after changing a few rusty scruws and a few paint touch ups. But it can not be inspected until January 2021...unless bike is produced 1989, but that can not the importer in Finland tell whit out asking the Honda factory, as they have not imported the bike, and they charge 80€ for that, I think I wait half a year..




Well I more and more think the bike is a bike for the American market. One it has a milage odometer whit also small km´s readings for speed, other is it has fastners for side reflectors the European bike does not had


As third, this label



The Devil exhaust had a home made DB killer, actually more glogged the exhaust


I also have a second muffler for the 4 to 1 system


Even so I think I would like a orginal system, replicas are quit costy, this is for sale for 100€



A thing I really like on this bike is this, handy!



A good thing whit 2 bikes is you can go for a ride whit a friend that has his bike in a other country stuck becorse of Corona Virus


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To determine if it is a US model, listen carefully to the fuel pump prime when you switch the bike on.

If you hear Bob Dylan, is is an American model for sure. :laugh:















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