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Custom Fairing kit for 8th Gen VFR’s

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So I’m not sure about you guys but the looks of the 8th and 6th gen vfr’s have always bugged me for some reason. Like I know they’re not supposed to be super sport bikes but I feel like Honda could have thrown in some more elegance into the fairing designs. So lately I’ve been thinking of making custom race fairings for these bikes. Would anyone be interested if I could make the fit and finish as good or better than oem? Inspiration will come directly from this photo. There will also be 1 headlight opening (cyclops) and the main slit in the photo will be for a daytime running light and ram air intake. I’m going to see if I can make some sketches for the front of the bike. Lastly this is not my photo but I wish the newest Cbr1000rr-r looked like this.


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Nice work! Yes, I'd be interested. Sadly, Japanese bodywork design of the past couple decades has been going downhill - same with their car design. Too many ephemeral and meaningless added slashes, and unresolved lines. I've owned mostly Italian bikes and have always scratched my head as to why the Japanese can't design as well, or at least as well as they did throughout most of the 80s and 90s. Wish my 8th Gen VFR looked as good as my old 95 Ducati 900SS - simple fairing design with no slasher BS.1dc8ae14fbc8b2daabe766f980e321c0.jpg

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Yes, I would be interested in a set for the 8th gen too. I’d even be ok without cutouts for lights/ DRL since I want to track this bike preferably not on stock plastics. 

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