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3rd gen. Sprockets...Smaller front or bigger rear?

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Good day gents,I'm looking for some more acceleration and have been looking at sprockets.


Now ,from your wealth of experience ,would you say a smaller front is better than a larger rear. I'm thinking of either dropping a tooth on the front or adding a tooth to the rear.(maybe more)

There is a small cost difference but I'm keen to know what others have done. 

By the way my drive chain is about midway through the adjustment cycle so re -adjustment shouldn't be a problem. 

I've included a picture of my bike too on a recent weekender. 

Thanks in advance. 


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try +2 or +3 at rear. smaller front sprocket causes more chain wear. use steel sprocket or expect alloy to need replacement more often, not something a $cotsman would want. 😀

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