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Just my luck. T-Rex no cut frame slider FAIL

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Hey lads. 


OP, I'm sorry to hear what happened with your sliders. I was concerned from the get about the T-Rex sliders' position and design. But considering what happened to you, I probably won't get those. I had a bad experience with them once already... Had a set installed on a '17 Fireblade, and the slider broke off and punctured a hole in the frame during a 25mph low side. Bike was totaled. 


I'll probably suck it up and cut a hole in my fairings for those R&G's. Especially considering I have an extra set of fairings anyway. 


Terrible that you live in New York man. I'm so glad I left. I hated it there. 

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On 1/19/2019 at 10:03 PM, Rollos said:

I was hoping to import from a seller in Switzerland who was selling for around $120. Unfortunately he doesn't ship to the US. Anyone with a Swiss contact that could help out?

Hey Rollos,


Still looking for a Swiss contact? 


I'm in Switzerland if you still need them.



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Thanks giggs87,


I actually just bought the R&G ones from twisted throttle. 


Partsworld had the GSG sliders on sale for around 110 chf but they don't seem to be listed anymore.

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