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Our annual Willow Creek Ride - 2018

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Ok, we used to stay in Willow Creek but now we stay in Weaverville, but the name stuck. Just got back last night, put in a hair under 1000 miles between Friday and Sunday. Some of the best riding roads in Northern California, this year was the first I didn't ride one of the GSXRs. Two up with the wife on the VFR with the new shock from DMR, and bags instead of a heavy backpack. Bike ran flawlessly, although above 5ooo' of elevation, it seemed to act weird when in neutral throttle.

Anyway, my arse was way happier at the end of this year's ride than others, I picked up a new set of riding/touring pants, and a cool vest. That vest saved the day for sure on Saturday. I look forward to this ride every year. Unfortunately, Sunday produced some unsavory situations and I put the bike up for sale. Not my first choice but it fulfilled everything I wanted out of it: Owning and riding a VFR, pure enjoyment of riding it, finessing it around corners, good handling (would be great if had the forks done) and two up riding.


The group left Santa Rosa at 9 am Friday morning. If you're familiar with Northern California, slabbed it up hwy 101 to hwy 128, where the fun began. Took 128 west from Cloverdale, through Boonville, out to hwy 1 and up to Fort Bragg. We continued up 1 up through the beautiful woods and over twisted roads leading into Leggitt. After lunch at the drive through tree, went up 101 where we usually turn off on to hwy 36 east. But a portion of 36 was closed so half of us went north to hwy 299, which eventually dropped us right on to our destination, Weaverville.

Saturday, a few of us took hwy 3 out of Weaverville, hit 36 (now the other side of the closure) and went east towards Red Bluff. Continued past on 36 and 89 to LAssen state park. Never been there before and it was a treat (almost as much as the cool vests). Entered through the south entrance and went over the mountain, and out the north exit. That dumped us out on hwy 44 back to Redding and then 299 back to the hotel.


Sunday, the ride home, consisted of leaving the hotel and again hitting hwy 3 to 36, but this time went west, knowing that on Sundays there shouldn't be a road closure, but just a light for that one-way construction zone. Thank goodness because 36 offers so many sections of absolutely phenomenal motorcycling road, it's almost beyond comprehension. ADditionally, there's a certain favorite section of mine that is freshly repaved and no longer a tar snake pit. 36 took us back to 101 where we reversed our ride out. 

350 miles on Friday, 298 miles on Saturday, and 342 on Sunday. Now, just counting the days until next year's ride.

Day 1 - https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10000461322
Day 2 - https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10000471996
Day 3 - https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10000485121













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