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The very first thing to suspect when the throttle sticks

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Unfortunately it was the last thing I check.........after messing with it for several hours I did get it to start working after lubing both cables, adjusting top and bottom adjustments, lubing under the plastic cheap throttle, and a bit of swearing. Then the next day.......stuck again......I went to take the bar end off the bike so that I could begin to take that cheap plastic thing off and see if the bar had sludge underneath and it was stuck, so I rolled the grip back on its self and lightening fast throttle return.....I read numerous posts and watched more youtube videos than I care to admit and nobody said to make sure my grip wasn't catching. I am sure it was obvious to you  but I am a little slow. Take it for what it is worth. 

Throttle fixed!

I trimmed just a couple mm off the rubber with a blade since moving it was obviously going to move back some after some riding anyway. Looks great and functions perfect and finally was able to put the 3mm of play that I wanted too. 

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Yeah the grips move more than people realize. I've learned to safety wire grips even on my street bikes.

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