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3Rd Gen Tail Replica

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In the process of finding some fairing for my 3rd gen, I noticed there are options for the front fairing like fiber glass replica from Italy or rather beautiful (and expensive) stuff from Gemany but it seems like there are not so many option for the tail. I'd like to retain the defaut seat to be able to ride with my wife.

Until now, I only found Poly26 in France which is proposing something:


This one seems like some work to fix the blinkers but if you consider the price for used parts (that needs fixing most of the time), this is not such a silly move.

I believe Thurn-motorsport proposes only something for the 4th gen and airtech a tail for a single-seat

Is there any other option available that I am missing?

Thanks a lot.

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The only place I have seen body work for 3rd Gens, other than OEM on eBay, is at AirTech ( http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/ ). Fellow member Kokonut has a thread about his current experience. Unfortunately for those in the EU, AirTech is stateside so shipping may be the limiting factor.


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