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A New Angle On Clipons


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I have had a need for a while now regarding the positioning of my hands on the bars. I wanted a more fluid way of fine tuning where the bars should set. Here is the right side, unanodized, and partially tested for strength. They may look like they would move, they won't. The ball and socket have been cnc machined, and some more pocketing is coming down the line. The bars are solid, and I am even going to redesign the grips in an oblong cross section to eliminate the numbness my hand goes thru sometimes. It is weird I know, but new is that way sometimes. It will intergrate it into the triple clamp I posted earlier.


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I really like it , looks like we are of the same mind on the stock ones.

Just went back and looked at your triple, did you install it yet ? , if so any more pics ?

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Ultimate, I had the TC bright dipped anodized, and the second is going to be gloss black anodized. I did install the first for a fit check, and will have to remove a small amount of material where it rests above the steering column to get the lock to engage properly. It is beefy, and if I had the time, I would do the lower clamp also. As for the bars and the pic, it is shown to illustrate function, many others may see just a lump of aluminum. Gilles Tooling makes a nice adjustable set, but I wanted something a bit slicker. It is also adjustable front to back by way of the holes in the rectangular piece of aluminum and the forthcoming round piece which slides over the shock tube and mounts to the triple. I am using 7050 for most of it, and 6061 for the rest. Once you get the fit after so many miles, I see dropping some loctite 242 into the threads and even on the ball to ease the mind.


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