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I have a new to me 2003 honda vfr800 with leo vince slip ons and not sure of any other mods. It came with a PC III USB. I purchased the bike after the previous owner had let it sit for a few months. I ran seafoam through the first couple of tanks. I was getting low mileage (mid 20's/gallon) so I figured it may be the map in the PC III. The original owner had it dyno'd to his specs and the bike was pretty fast ( i uploaded it to the download section on the forum so others can take a peek, too!), so i figured he had it tuned for performance. I loaded the generic map for leo vince slip ons from the power commander site and got about 5 mpg more.

So my questions are the following:

1) is there any map that will give me some better mpg? I don't care to go 100+ mph, but would like the reported mid 30's low 40's everyone else seems to enjoy

2) Is the cozye map everyone has a boner for good for my needs?

3) Would a zero map be okay to run with the slip ons?

4) Is resetting the throttle position in the Power Commander software helpful if a bike has been sitting for a while to kind or reset a "0" point for the rest of the mapping?

I am very new to a larger bike with more complexity (my first was a suzuki tu250x). I have an appointment with a shop in a couple of weeks for a tune up. Perhaps my plugs and air filter are not so happy right now and that could be the reason for decrease in mpg's. I'm also getting new tires then as well, that may also help.

I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm trying to do right by my investment. Thanks in advance!

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In no particular order I would cancel the appointment for the tune up, if needed (you don't mention the mileage so I don't know "if needed") replace the air filter and plugs yourself, budget the funds allotted for a dealer to perform said "tune up" on a proper dyno tune utilizing the programmable features of the PCIII USB.

You may find that the PO just slapped in any old map...I have seen bikes improve their MPG's with a proper dyno tune for that specific bike as many times the bike makes more power when an overly rich state of tune is corrected but a good rule of thumb is if you are moving more air (better flowing exhaust or intake - including air filter) then you need more fuel. Conversely you may be making more power so need less throttle at a particular MPH so minor tuning could improve the MPG

Not trying to disparage the original owner who may or may not have had it tuned properly or your opinion that the bike is "pretty fast" since you admit that your previous bike was 350 lbs wet with maybe 35 hp I am sure that a 575 lb bike with 90 hp would feel pretty fast.

It also may have something to do with the generally poor fueling characteristics of the early 6G VFR's and could be cured with a simple O2 eliminator modification.

BTW, welcome aboard! Some active members in VA, post up a pic of your bike and go for a ride with someone close by.

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Revamping this old thread for no good reason. I have fooled around with many maps on the PCIII and have enjoyed each for their own reasons. After contacting the original dealership it was sold and acquiring their records of service, I found out that the bike had been dyno'd there! The original map that came with the bike is the one they made! It is going to save me a few hundred. Cannot wait to get her back from the shop to plug this one in and use it confidently.

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