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Frame Sliders For A 2008 Vfr

Guest Nomadbeach

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Thanks Jeremy. We both know a little bit about dropping bikes at any speed. It doesnt take much at all to total a bike. Mines totaled right now. There is a tiny scratch on the frame.

Jeremy post the pic of your 100mph lowside that didnt cause much damage.

It's not like a car at all.

You can get great deals at insurance auctions because of totaled bike with hardly any damage. I have a friend who got a 636 because of a dent in the frame the size of a pencil eraser, thats it.

Infidel are you military? If so thanks for keeping us free. Nothing but respect.

Like I said, I learned a lot here. You never realize the amount of damage that could be caused just by a slight drop.

I had little confidence in non drillings till I was pointed to Oggy knobs.

EDIT: Had to re-read something.. can you explain to me the whole "Frame is scratched" is totaling the bike? Sorry if this is getting side tracked.

I am not familiar with the oggy knobs. Are these the ones that bolt over the radiator? I will do a search. If so memebers say they can crush and ruin the radiator, and dont really protect the fairings.. I have seen the rad busted and the fairing damaged from a very slow speed drop, not even a crash, from these types. As stated I am not sure of the oggy knobs. I will look into it.

EDIT OK, I looked them up. Those are the best no cuts I have ever seen. I dont like the way the bracket goes over the edge of the radiator but they look pretty stout. They would probably be fine in just a no speed drop. I see they are australlian. What is the cost to get them to the US? Any USA suppliers.

See, I learned something new today as well. Thanks. [/size]

Yeah it's really stupid about bike frames. According to insurance companies if the frame has any damage at all, a tiny dent, scratch whatever, it is considered structural damage and the frame compromised. You can imagine what it would cost to replace a frame. Just the cost of labor would be too much. I dont agree with it, nor would 99% of riders but thats what they do. I'm not an insurance man, just a honda technician. I speak of my experiences. I am sure others have difirent stories.

I filed a claim on my bike and the insurance adjuster said it was totaled. The bike ran, and rides perfect. It had one very small scratch on the frame. I got a good adjuster and he overlooked it for me because I told him I absolutly didnt want to total the bike. My bike had 40k miles at the time. The adjuster said most bikes are totaled by 2k miles. My bike was considered totaled and all it had was rashed fairings, a dented radiator and a tiny scratch on the frame.

Be careful if you ever have to file a claim. Sometimes it's a lot easier to just fix it yourself.

Good luck over there in the sandbox. Godspeed and come back safe.

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There is an even BIGGER misconception that they only protect the frame. I guess my bike tipping over or someone doing stunts at 5 MPH and their bike tips over is going to total their bike? They are meant to do a number of things... not just protect the frame. You don't have to be a 40 year vet of street riding or a 5 year vet of these forums to know that.

Yes it can happen...

The best protection is to leave it in the crate..

A simple tip over in the garage can total a VFR.. Check a parts fisch for the right or left side parts + a Radiator and a front nose fairing. If any of these are craccked its replaced.. If your unlucky enough as I was that something is near by to dent your tank also its definately up to and over 2-3000.00 damage ..

Brake pedal, rearset, rear fairing, front fairing, left or right side fairing, Radiator, Bar end/Grip/Or Clipon, Brake/Clutch lever, headlight, Gas tank, Exhaust Can...................... All these can easily be damaged in a simple tip over.....

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