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Fork oil level/air gap


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Going to replace the original fork springs on my ‘92 3rd gen with .9 n/mm YSS ones as recommended by various calculators on the web.

I refurbished the forks last year with all new seals and oil etc so looking to simply to replace the springs without taking the forks off the bike,

current oil level/air gap is 178mm as per the service manual but I’ve noticed that YSS list a level/air gap as 160mm.

Original spring length according to the manual is 427.1mm and the YSS ones are 438mm.

So, should I install and leave level/gap as is (extra spring length will displace oil to lessen the gap?) or add oil?



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I would go with the air gap recommended by YSS.  The length of the spring is of no influence on the oil displacement, wire thickness and number of coils per cm do. I have set the air gap on mine to 130mm to make the combined front spring rate a bit more progressive.

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