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In 1983 I was working for the UK bike press when the VF750F was launched. I tested it and loved it. At the time I was racing enduro and could not afford to do that and run a road motorcycle.

Last year I got the chance to buy a pair of VF750 Interceptors for just £840 (US$1115). One was running but needed work and the other was in bits.

The complete bike needed new fork seals and bushes, new head bearings, new chain and sprockets, brake calipers stripping and overhauling with new seals etc, new tyres, oil leak from front valve cover fixing, and a full service.

Over here in the UK we have the excellent David Silver Spares who hold a lot of parts for all older Hondas, and what they don't have they try hard to get when asked.

t took me a couple of months of spare time in the workshop to get the complete bike roadworthy and I've been stunned by how good it is for a 34 year old machine. It's quite quick, it's comfortable and it handles really well on its new Bridgestone BT45s.


So what about the other one? Well the one thing the Interceptor has against it in my opinion is the weight, same as all other bikes of that era.

I figure that as much weight as possible shed - titanium wheel spindles, Dymag wheels, aluminium swingarm, etc. it will make a truly amazing bike for modern roads.

Yup, the desire may have lain dormant for 34 years, but I am well and truly hooked.



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That is a great looking Interceptor.


FWIW the 17" rear from a VF1000F is a direct swap. All you have to do is use the VF750 rear rotor (bolts right on) and the VF750 spacers. This will open up your tire choices.


Of course a set of Dymags would be nice to :)


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Hi Jim, long time no see. Not since that endurance race at Snetterton all those years ago. On a GSXR I seem to recall.


Did the Enigma project get anywhere? Since I’ve heard nothing about it for some time, I suspect not. Oh well. Nothing ventured...


Glad to see you’ve got the VFR bug. I’ve just come back from a brief trip on my eVo4 (1200 special) with 3 VFR800s, all also ridden by ex Honda staffers. Plus there’ll be another VFR800 joining. It’s still a great bike, even if the current press are bored by its lack of fancy whizz bang (and essentially unnecessary) features. I always liked that F model. It was a shame they had those cam problems. In fact it was the fairing from that 750F that I used on my CBX that MotorCycle Mechanics featured on their front cover March ‘85. Warranty return if I remember correctly. Just needed painting. Just the job.  😀


Hope to see you around here more. Look forward to seeing how your bikes progress.

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