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Recall and a Gutting.




Hi Guys and Gals,


So spoke to my nearest Honda motorcycle dealer Rick Gills Motorcycles and Paul from their parts and service was very helpful. Turns out my bike hasn't had the recall work carried out as shown by a lack of punch/stamp below the J on the head stock VIN stamp.

As shown below.

head stock.jpg


There should be a dot punched/stamped there below the J if the recall work has been carried out.

So if any of the Aussie 6th geners are reading that's what to check if you have a bike with a VIN between JH2RC46U*2M400005 to JH2RC46U*5M700241. (Don't know if the mark is standard across the world/regions).


So the part(s) have been ordered and I'll get a call in a week or 2 to book it in for the work.



On the exhaust front I got some great feedback (for once :tongue:) with Gumtree. A couple of interstate riders willing to help out but shipping would have defeated the purpose of keeping the cost down.

Ended up getting a pair off of a great bloke named Simon locally on Monday for a 100 buckaroos. Local exhaust shop said $25 a side to weld the ends back on so I got to it last night as shown.


I marked approximately 6mm in from the centre of the weld to cut with the hack saw.




Sorry about the photo quality.


A bit of persuasion and BFI and I got it out..





Got the other side done and called it a night.




In total it took about 1 hour and a half and a few beers.


I dropped the cans off at the exhaust shop this morning, as they are flat out and my job is no worth much to them it could take a day or 2. I'll be annoyed if I can't try them by the weekend.

I'll try to get some audio recording as well to put up.


Thanks for taking the time to check it out.




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