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Man I Love Riding




MY VFR that is!

Just competed the 5th annual Ride to Creede this year was the biggest gathering yet, 7 riders this time, compared to 4 last year. We also made very good time, stopping to regroup where we lost one or two. This time we had 3 BMW's with us from ST.N where I also posted this ride.

I realize I haven't posted in the blog in over a week, well since I am out riding its hard to keep up. Last week I rode with Craig and Dan in the Rampart Range area on the dirt-bikes, I am thinking I am not so into Dirt-biking as the guys. I just don't have the leg strength in my left leg to take 40 miles of whoops, my knee gives out and then I am sore on the left side for 2 or 3 days later - thats where I broke my pelvis last year. For once I would like to ride a dirt-bike trail without getting injured or overly sore afterward. It really seems I take a beating when I ride a dirt-bike, I don't see how people think its safer? I always feel totally out of control when I go fast on the dirt-bike. I get used to the bike squirming around but when it corrects really hard or falls in a rut I just know I am done for, then I manage to keep the bike up. Last time I was totally on the gas on a very wide jeep road and went wide, tried to correct and fell in a rut. The bike fell out from under me and I bailed off, no injuries just frustrated I lost control. It was later that I got injured a bit I did not see a rock jutting out of the dirt till I was right on it climbing a hill I lifted my left leg over it then when I put it down I got it caught a bit making the next left hander and I sprained my hip. That hurt for days afterward, much worse than actually bailing off. I like climbing and down-hilling but not whoops they suck, jumping is alright but my bike is big and not so soft in the suspension so I come down hard.

Oh well I have been considering selling the XR after this season I have not enjoyed it so much... and I could use a new cage!

Working on the website a bit this morning - fixed the nav bar so show the portal and the forums together. Making some automatic backup scripts for the database and working on odds and ends here and there.



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