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Heading To Tennessee Again!




Well I was surprised to get a PM from Florida Member Jeremy555 that basically invited me to ride with the guys again at Deals Gap in September - airfare to get me there, room, and a bike to borrow for the weekend! WOW what can I say about that - other than yes of course. It would be impolite and ungrateful to turn down a gesture like that, and luckily my boss also agreed and let me have the time off to do it!

I really don't know what to say really, thank you guys, really its a great thing to do for the "Ole Dumbass" - reference to what a beemer dude once called me while riding in New Mexico, God forbid a VFR be allowed to pass a BMW? So after all the frustrations associated with Hackers, losing cameras, dropping stuff on dirt-bike trails, the day to day grind of our mundane work weeks. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the Southern VFRD boys are making that possible. Everything I have heard about Southern Hospitality is true! I am so looking forward to coming back to ride those awesome Appalachian mountain roads again!

It will be great to hang out with Baileyrock again too for a while.

I mean how can I pass up an opportunity like that??

read about the Deals Gap ride in the Rider Groups>South forum



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