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Found 7 results

  1. Must say that after my wrist operations 2018, I was happy to ride a adventure bike, as my wrist do had limited movement. First had a 2011 1200GS Beemer, was not my bike, so traded it for a 1200 SuperTenere, like it a lot! But after son didn´t take the licence for a 125, and the bike I buoght for him (and fixed to top shape) , a 2009 Yamaha XT125X, It was just geathering dust, I put it up for sale. Actually got 2 trade suggestions for it, other was a 1986 Kawasaki GPZ500R (yes not a 600, thanks to cc tax things, like why the 86/87 VFR was a 700 in US...), nice ru
  2. Hello VFRD: Testing waters to see if there is any interest in my VFR. Purchased brand new and in excellent condition. Mods include: - Akropovic Exhaust as mentioned above - Genuine Honda Quick Shifter - Genuine Honda Carbon Tank Pad - R&G Grip Tank Traction Grips - R&G Frame Sliders/Crash Protectors - New Battery - Cell Phone Mount Oil changes conducted and all original parts included. Mileage is ~5,000 Shoot me a message if interested. **Mods, if this is a duplicate please delete.**
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, I know we are all a bunch of conscientious law-abiding citizens so I thought I would chuck up the link and summary PDF of the Australian Design Rules (ADR) in relation to motorcycles for my fellow Aussie compatriots. The summary provides a basic run down of the do's & don'ts and provides a list of the relevant ADR's to look at if further detail is required to be researched. Information is power after all and its good to know where you stand should the boys in blue or regulatory inspector start asking questions about your ride.
  4. Watching the sunset with my bud
  5. From the album: Wynwood Walls, Miami

    Sexy biker chick on 04 VFR at Wywood Walls Miami FL.
  6. From the album: Wynwood Walls, Miami

    Sexy bicycle chick checking out my 04 VFR at Wynwood Walls Miami FL.
  7. keny


    From the album: Anything goes!

    Nice way to go out whit your dog!
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