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  1. VFR800 track project

    Of course we're interested! First things first... let's have that bearing number, and your source. Second, how about starting a new thread dedicated to your bike? With some updated photos!
  2. DSC01519

    This would delay me for hrs as I would be looking for them.
  3. 2010-11 Winter Mods/Maintenance Thread

    For my 99 spidey bike install Elka rear shock repair electrical issues have seat stitched with spidey webbing and logo as well have gel padding added make and install webbed kickstand re-route exhaust to under the tail cut front fender with air slots and add glow lights to the underside of it. and if spring is not early maybe a Power commander
  4. Looks like you have a good plan on what you want to do. This site has many members that will and can help you along the way. No question is off limits and you will get a some very good answers back. Enjoy and welcome to the family
  5. car show 029.jpg

    Looks Great Rob!! I hope to see it in person soon.
  6. VFRKOOTEY08 228.jpg

    Thanks HS ! I miss Nelson I had Sooooooooo much fun that trip.
  7. Radar Comes To Colorado

  8. Give Your 5th-gen A Boost...

    Dawg, If you help me install mine. I will help you when your 6gen one is ready.
  9. Didn't you know? The beautiful thing this FI is that it does not suffer altitude losses like NA applications. Sure, you may lose a few hp but not enough for the butt dyno to notice. :cool: Seriously, I don't want a new VFR (unless they shave off some serious weight and still keep sport + tourability) . I want my Torocharged 6th Gen. :ohmy: Edit: I have no affiliation with Toro or his company. I am just very excited about seeing this fine piece of work mounted to my VFR. :ohmy: Thats what I thought but wanted to make sure. I still think he should come out for the Dillion meet in Colorado in aug and show it off. :goofy:
  10. THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I need me one of those for sure. But how is going to be at higher elevations? Maybe you should come to the Denver/Dillion meet in Aug to show us and test it's performance at the higher elevations.
  11. Installing Radar's Custom Sliders - Black Bases

    What is the "lady white lightning" ? I haven't touched the holes to clean them up at all. THe holes are very clean, my damn camera takes really good closeups and it exaggerates the finish. THe holes are perfect, and the plastic "Strings" will easily come off. :idea3: Hey Ken, I am not criticising your work in any way shape or form. What you've done looks professional. I, myself, isn't that talented when it come to drilling, and I can assure you that the paint chips would more than likely be noticeable if I were to do it. For me, the only option would be this one: Hey I really like the sliders that you dont have to cut any holes...... So which ones are those in that picture with the white VFR... Would really appreciate it, I have been in the market, but really cut into my plastics.. I dont have the heart, thanks Ya where did you get those? they look like the best and easiest to install. Snakeman

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