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  1. SA2360

    For Oyama

    It was actually "Obama" Road but was vandalized!!!
  2. HA! Round here in my small town, just wearing my high-viz vest, some people look at me like I must be queer. :goofy:
  3. For all of us wanting a picture of the event.....I think this is as close as we'll get:
  4. SORRY, MY DEAR!!!! It's just another story without pictures, you little HottieCzech! Greg :wub: DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  5. I haven't seen so much lights and electronics since sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet.....when does the heads up display get installed in your wind screen? :unsure: Pretty soon you'll need a co-pilot besides you to manage all of the instruments. What's the Vector Victor? Roger, ROGER! :lol:
  6. Nope, I snatched that pic right from the source, www.borderlinecustomcycle.com. look under the "projects" link. It's a 1992 ZX7 with MV Agusta body, R1 tail, Duc swingarm, ohlins, aluminum tank, and nitrous... :joystick: :thumbsup: Wonder what it sounds like? Look Ma'.....no cans!!!!!!!!!
  7. Now someone just needs to come up with the bride of Frankenviffer!!! I must say I've never seen such handywork. Truly one of a kind and probably a conversation starter. Thanks for sharing...hope you have a quick recovery!
  8. Since this thread is open I might as well ask for some feedback........My 5th gen has been lowered by previous owner. I've been riding with the bike in it's current set-up. I'm 5'10", 200 lbs......I've had some problems with bottoming out the rear end when I hit a rise or unavoidable hole...stator screw has left a few scratches into rubber. Placing the bike back to factory settings, what difference will I notice besides the ride height adjustment? I regularly push the bike hard on twisties and most of the riding is done in that fashion. Thanks for any feedback.
  9. So I thought it was just us guys who hate to ask others for directions. Welcome to the club. At least you found your mark whereas I would have wound up in Mississippi somewhere before giving up, going home and not telling a soul I got lost. :thumbsup:
  10. tried sending PM but your inbox was full


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