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  1. Celebrational images and video to follow....






    She turned 80,000km today; looking forrward to the 50,000 miles mark :goofy:






    With our "intelligent lockdown"in place, getting outside is deemed ok, as long as you observe a few basic rules on keeping distance.  That is if you donot have any COVID symptoms; then staying isolated inside is the instruction.

    Additionally I pump petrol at unmanned stations.




    Last weekend saw the first really nice weather, but I opted to stay at home. For long and behold, every Tom the bicyclist, Dick the walker and Harry the biker were out and about. Leading to overcrowding at touristy spots....  So the solution for next weekend local authoutities come up with is banning motorcyclists.....  🤢 as expected really.....


    But today, a quiet day so no risk of me bumping into crowds at the flower fields...



    Thank you my little puma/cougar for the miles!







































    Made it to the sea shore; this will be shut for all vehicles over the weekend. No parking allowed.





    1,5 meter distance markings, order left, pickup right




    Have a coke and fried mussels...





    My pal brought his drone,....  TBC!









  2. @vfr200   That is a fine looking banana VFR! :fing02:



    I was told once by a tuner that the pair solenoid switches at/near idle rpm and that the valves itself will clog up over time/use anyway. 

    My SP2 (with aftermarket BOS mufflers) never popped on decel. Still wanted a Power Commander (had some money to burn) and asked him about de-pairing.

    He said he would do it if I insisted, but he felt since they clog up, i'd waste money. But if I insisted, he would.  YMMV   

  3. 3 hours ago, Bent said:

    I have yet to hear of an oil related engine failure in over 20 years of reading VFR forums.  


    There was a Dutch owner a few years ago who bought a second hand, high mileage Vtec.   Took it into Germany (no speedlimit on motorways) and after a few long high speed runs the engine went BOOOMMM.....

    When asked, the PO conceded hehad never changed oil, merely topped it up when required.    Not an oil related falure therefor but a moron related one....





  4. IMG-20200330-WA0010.thumb.jpeg.11f312085b305677b6b0c40eaf30c778.jpeg


    During our government's "intelligent lock-down", going out alone, avoiding others is deemed ok.


    Even the 99% probabilty of rain/hail is acceptable :tongue:



    Ah yes, there are the clouds!




    Sheets of precipitation in the background....



    And long and behold...





    And, NO, I didnot speak to a single soul.



    PS @Skids SORRY!!!!! :goofy:

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