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  1. .Don't worry, new friend. Dutchy can help you. He's from the Lowlands and gets his kicks riding on top of dikes and looking in people's bedroom windows. How can you tell, Greg? I'm just sayin', is all........ Udder Greg
  2. Veefer Madness


    Spoken like a true Patriot, my American Friend! :laughing6-hehe: :tour: :unclesam: :tour: :unclesam: :tour:
  3. You've been warned. This is the only one this year! :ohmy: Join us and our polite 'beavers' in a natural environment of bikes, babes, boobs, beer, debauchery/other/etc. :beer: All cars are banned to be shuttlebused in. :huh: :fing02: Last year, an estimated 100,000 attended from everwhere to this little sleepy fishing village! :cool: :cool: :491: :tour: :tour: Believe me, there's something for everyone...... :beer: Come early, stay late. it's not too far from Queenston/Niagara/Fort Erie border crossings either, so don't hand me that crap! :491: Look for my 'alter ego' Repsol VFR..... I should be nearby. :dry: If you're afraid you'll be too embarassed by my previous antics, either maintain a minimum ten foot buffer zone, (like Joe Foe from Buffalo did), or, avoid at all costs! :sad: :beer: Hopefully, I'll see at least some of you on the dark side; it really is a scream! :491: Greg :goofy:
  4. Clicky picky... Over 3 years and no heat or other issues, :cool: Greg :fing02:
  5. Do they fit 4th gens? I like them, and it would be good to get rid of the condom mirrors. You'll have to PM Lobster, Kath. Note: He only makes the spacers that go under the mirror bracket to make them stick out past your shoulder when you check your blind spot. Greg :happy:
  6. I think Lobster has ONE set left for 5th gens.... :ohmy: Better hurry! :squid: :laugh: Greg :fing02:
  7. :cool: :dry: :491: :cool: Friday the 13th: Port Dover, Ontario, CANADA! Willie Nelson and Kidd Rock's sister were there last time! (I think...):fing02: Come share in the bikes, boobery, beer and debauchery!!! :491: :huh: I plan on being there most all day. I can provide a few overnite stays if the weather turns. PM me if you want to meet up somewhere. Where are you, Joe Foe??? :goofy: IF IT'S SNOWIN', I AIN'T GOIN'!!! :beer: Greg :beer:
  8. Veefer Madness


    Sorry, no pics. I have short fat hands, so the brake allows me to keep two fingers on it if I want. The long clutch allows me to use the 'full' hand to pull in and release. The extra leverage helps with the effort required...... :comp13: I have Pazzos available if you're interested. PM me. :warranty: Greg :fing02:
  9. What he said..... All indicators are their own seperate led colors. Eg. Scott changed out my blue led high beam for a violet one It could have been any color for that matter. I believe some of the more 'inclined' members have even done these mods by themselves...... I, however, tend to fall more in the category of 'declined'...... :blush: Greg :fing02:
  10. No, :dry: it's just a shot from getting home Friday Feb. 13th in Port Dover. :ph34r: It made me qualify for becoming the founder of the Canadian Regiment of 'The Brass Balls Battalian.' NOTE: No heated chaps, vests, grips, wire harnesses etc. were harmed during this event. :cool: The same, however, cannot be said for 'Wee Willie Winkie and The Two California Raisins' :ohmy: There were rewards however............... :biggrin: Not considered :rolleyes: since we were talking lights, right? :491: Greg :blink:
  11. I went to see Scott at Blueguages.com for the same reason. Coupled with the reflection off the windscreen, it's distracting at the least. My brother, who flies, said the best color is red or orange so I went with that for the overall guage color. Then I changed out the blue for high beam to violet. I only had this picture without the high beam light on. Greg :offtopic:
  12. Veefer Madness

    Picture 030.jpg

    So neat to see somewhere I've actually been..... :cool: Greg :biggrin:
  13. Ipso-facto-apso-poso-lutely!!!! Do the same to the ignition switch/steering lock before it becomes your next 'key' issue too! :cool: Been there, Greg :rolleyes:
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