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  1. Last time I was on this road it was ~4:00 in the morning. There were about a bazillion stars in the sky but I was too cold to stop and enjoy 'em. I'd spent a chilly night on the side of the road a few miles east after finding there was nary a room to be had in Blanding. Fortunately, dawn had come as I neared Hanksville - time for coffee.

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    Going to the Sun is a great ride. My last trip there was in the summer of 2014. Sadly, heavy traffic and a massive amount of roadwork that day. Didn't spoil the fantastic scenery, though.

  2. 4 hours ago, MaxSwell said:

    So how hot was it?


    The shade was thanks to it being 7:30 am on the first of May, and having a mile-high mountain right behind where I am stood.


    We had pleasant temperatures during our visit to Death Valley; highs (according to my VFR) were ~34℃ / 93℉, and 19/66° around 7:30 am.


    Atop 1660m/5500' Dante's View the morning before it was barely 7/45°.


    ps. I wrote about my trip here: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/78012-california-tour-2014/

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