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  1. Rather ironically it's not the complicated electronic trickery that plays up but rather major mechanical parts and corrosion (in my experience). I actually had to have part of my engine WELDED on a BMW (less than ten years old) last year as the corrosion was so bad. The clutch, suspension and battery also failed. The radiator and final drive weren't in the best of shape either. I'd bought it secondhand with a full BMW service history some 18 months prior........ Compare that to my same age VFR and the difference has to be seen to be believed. NO corrosion on it apart from a few bolt heads and the water pump housing. Absolutely rock solid in feel.
  2. Say hello to some HORRENDOUS build, paint and component quality. You couldn't pay me to own another BMW. Absolute piles of steaming shite. You'll be kicking yourself if you sell the VFR.
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