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  1. Yes, I was surprised to see that they have an automotive branch 3 minutes away from my workplace so I figured I could give them a shot. They mix up paint and do custom canning given the paint code. Reviews seem positive too!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys; I'll see what Sherwin Williams has to offer for paint match and consider all the options. Might give in to Color-rite. We'll see!
  3. Hey guys, first post! This is my "had ta lay'er down" post. Came out of a parking spot, turned, there was a patch of sand and gravel that I didn't see because it was dark (excuses), and the bike went down with me on it. I'm safe. My armored jeans saved me. Although my knee hurt for most of the day. The pain has since dissipated. I can't say the same emotionally, but you're not my therapists so I'll stop boring you. The consequences of my crash is as follows: precious got all scratched up, and the left indicator lens snapped its mount on the cowl. Also bar end weight is not straight anymore. clutch lever got bent out. Or in. Can't remember? It's straighter than it should be. The left fairing mounting bracket was bent to crap when I peeled off the fairing (the latter was tight against the frame). Had a hell of a time trying to bend it back to "normal" and reinstalling it. ^^^I put it back in its position while I was piecing the puzzle back together... Peeling off the cowl shows it was that dropped before. If you look at the pictures closely, looks like the previous owner had broken the blinker off before and glued it back together with what looks like green body fill or something, and my crash re-broke it. Maybe it was green ABS cement, who knows. The lens' screw hole was also broken and previously fixed with some other kind of cement, with matchsticks inside for threading. Anyway, I set out to at least fix the tab and re-mount the blinker light. However, most of the "lip" on the inside broke off. I plastic-welded the crack back up. The crack is still there on the other side, but it was fairly sturdy on one side so I didn't bother breaking the paint. Maybe when it comes time to paint I'll redo the weld, sand, and repaint the whole cowl, who knows. Then I welded the lens mounting tab back to its corner and called it a night. Might try to put some fiberglass backing to fill in the gaps behind that lens. No pictures of it, but I also plastic-welded the mounting tab after I patched that crack. What's left for me to do is: Replace the bar end screw Bend back/replace the clutch lever (it's still useable, but it's bent) Fill in the blinker gaps Paint the fairings Anyway, I'm trying to find a rattle can close to R157 Italian Red. Colorite has product, but it's ridiculously expensive, and shipping doubles the cost. I figured it might be worth to drop the cash on a new set of fairings too... Not convinced since all of them are compression-molded. Internet finds from the SH forum -Dupli-Color Chrystler Flash Red -RustOleum Chinese Red Any suggestions? Thanks!! K93
  4. Ah man, I'm joining the club tonight. Lost traction on a gravel patch turning out of a parking spot, and before I knew it, the bike went down sliding about a good two feet on its side. Left side fairing is all scratched up and my indicator light got dislodged... and a big bruise to my ego lol
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  6. Whooo boy you got that one! I was hawking that repsol for a while then saw it listed again with the rust issues... Hot damn! I wonder if you can get the tank rust taken care of with white vinegar?
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