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  1. Well I agree, they are there for a reason, I may leave clutch switch, because your right I have Lurched the bike forward by accident. I’ll try what u listed, are there any other areas we are missing that could cause this except a phantom short?
  2. I’m still not super good at this forum thing but here’s and update and a new problem, so frank here has his lights finally working, the fire blade front end only has the two headlights so I moved the hi beam wire to the inner light socket and got the go low functioning, I used a 5 post starter relay to delete most of the headlight wires and all that crap, so I got all my wires tucked and all I wanted was a first cruise since I got the body back together, well my battery was low and I had to jump it to get it running, let it run for a min and then hopped on, revved good and sounded go so I went
  3. Yes and it actually lead to me getting them working I deleted the dual relay for all the headlights and now have it functioning off of a single 5 prong, sadly I was hoping all my lights would work, I was getting no power to the hi/low switch. Now that’s tackled and my high low functions, my integrated tail light doesn’t light up despite being wired right and also no flashers either, the bike got sandwiched at a light (front/back) and the wiring is pretty screwed. I wish I was more capable on forums! But yeah anything that has wiring circuits relating to lights in the rear
  4. I have no way to download it as I don’t own a computer can I pull it up on my phone
  5. 07 vfr800 Now I’m not sure where they are normally but there are a handful of relays in the front of the bike, 2 of which are smashed, well the whole harness is pretty messy. A lot of the ends have been ripped off. Regardless I’m wiring in fire blade head and tail, as far as I have figured out, green is ground, orange is left and light blue is right, and I’ve isolated the hi low wires, now for my question, 1. Can anyone list the relays with 4 prongs in the front, there are 2 that seem to be very similar they are the ones I need, now to help narrow it down, the bike will start and r
  6. How do I message him and Thankyou I’m formiller with flapper and pair didn’t realize that they where part of that canister! Thanks friends
  7. Yeah I’m not superstitious, I actually rode it to my work like it was in the video with the bent forks, no likes and as the sun was going down, the last 1/4 mile before I arrived at the shop the makeshift oil cooler delete blew off and soaked me and the bike in hot oil, luckily I was able to shut her down before the oil got emptied but it sure got scare when the oil got to the back wheel, it was a bit scare but I’ve been on two wheel since I was little
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I’ll take some more pictures today it looks more tidy then it did in my most recent picture and everything is starting to actually get bolted down!
  9. So this is my first post so I’ll introduce, I’m 25 I live in Wilmington Nc and I’m a motorcycle tech at a local shop (new career change I was a diesel tech before) this bike showed up at a buddy’s tow company, it had been squished between two cars while waiting for a light to change. I ended up picking it up for 300$ as the owner abandon it at my buddy’s place. IMG_0809.MP4 This was the first time it was started by me after getting it. Since then I’ve had plenty of opportunity to try other plastics off of a bunch of sport bikes, I’ve been lurking on this site for a while and from what
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