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  1. Hey I'm back just reading the manual I came across the brief part about the diode on the ignition side of the ignition system could that be why the dash lights up without the keyed switch on
  2. Hi mate the bike is on road worthy condition maybe I can fix the other dramas with the the electrics but for now I just Ride
  3. Yeah I know that I'm just want to ride it not mess with it too much 6 weeks without a ride I'm going insane Thanks to all contributing to my cause Go and Ride like a Demon possessed by the God's good is best angle you take on life
  4. 50 50 chance I betting on me
  5. Dutchy I'm putting in a fuse so shut it It maybe give me one last ride. No worries OK dudes ride on
  6. 135 dollars an hour for what the bike is just a bike I want to ride it nit have it billing me
  7. Hi there I didn't touch anything but the relay unit Something has shorted I know that's why I'm putting a fuse on the red wire I can't work on the bike I'm in a apartment with uncovered parking area. OK just let my predicament pass I'll ask for more help many thanks Your help has been opened my lack of knowledge
  8. Hey OK 3 wires red to ignition key how is it by passing the switch and I'm going to put a switch on the red wire below the battery that's the only thing I can do Is that OK
  9. Hi the original stater relay didn't direct a full 12v to the starter it just clicked and it pulled heaps of amp but not a sound from the starter. At least now I'm getting power to the starter motor The nice bike mechanic down the road is going to lend me a spare one just to see f I gets it back to normal.
  10. I sorry for taking so long to get to the problem the 4pin relay control wires are mixed up What colour wire is the power to ignition switch its continually connects to the battery I bought the relay on ebay it mentions that it fits a huge variety of bikes Inc vfr800fi 1999
  11. I have connect the starter relay now as soon as I connect the battery it by passes the ignition key the starter switches all light up starts when I press the starter and doesn't stop until I disable the battery
  12. God help me Dutchy have you a clue why I can't connect the starter relay honestly I don't understand it
  13. Fcjk it I'll rewires the circuit my self
  14. I'm pizzed off how why can I fix it
  15. Just wired up the relay it immediately show no connection but the other pole connected everything without the ignition key turned
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